A Hole in the Sand


United States
34° 16' 15.7368" N, 118° 36' 53.316" W

Among the ebb and flow of the Earth

Among the flourishing promise of human life 

Among whatever secrets this land may hold beneath my feet

True peace lies in the sand

Hands buried in it, among the wind and brine, I trust

Must this be the only way to serenity?

This entity more valuable than a golden treasure buried deep

Leap and bound and round this earth, a rocky, though unsolid thing

Bring about a newborn peak

Seek what cannot be touched, though peace is no mystery to me

Free, for when I burrow into this land

And sit in the cool depths hidden under this sand

I am alone, huddled into the ground

Sound but a fleeting thought, a whisper in the wind, In and not upon the earth, greeting all that is lost in this busy world of ours

Hours of shameless and aimless thinking spent like years

In a place where the voices and noises of the world do not meet my ears

Where the sea’s breeze simply cannot reach me

And the distractions are merely fractions of what they are on the surface


My absence from these special places has not yet left me raw

My imagination a roaring thing, a spring of infinite happenings

And among the few who may know this strife

Life with no meaning but the one you name Among the ebb and flow of a human existence, today I feel no strain

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