Hitchhiking Heart


United States
37° 22' 2.0532" N, 81° 50' 0.1176" W

it's kinda like there's this air to the developing story,

an ambiance to an on going joke,

we all have a part to play to the punch line,

but the story teller is still just some starry eyed bloke,

i keep looking in the rear view ,

sort of like waiting for a message from the past,

it, of course, is a nice place to visit, but never meant to last.

so walking on down the road,

i keep passing all these signs,

one town here, a city there,

but i think its more the people i have in mind.

not weary or forgetting,

i remember any memorable personality,

as long as there words are pretty,

and their intent lacks any darker fallacies.

but there's always one,

someone better off than just a memory,

a flame, a twin, a heart shaped totem,

worth more than gold, more rare than ivory.

i guess for what it's worth,

it's worth more than anything i could say.

but for who you are, and the way your you,

i love your soul more each day by day.

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Our world


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