The History of our Love

My sophomore year is when we met,

From that point on, my mind was set.
You'd be the one I wouldn't regret,
I'd be the one you wouldn't forget. 
I was eager to reach familiarity,
Through investigations of our differences and similarities. 
But it all started because you caught my eye,
Enigmatically beautiful like the stars in the sky.
There is something about you that makes you easy to love,
From your brown almond shaped eyes to your teeth the color of a dove. 
To the care that you have and how hard it is to say no,
With your body as warm as the sun, wet hair cooler than the snow. 
What's not to love about a woman who helped me overcome my fears?
My doubts of loving faithfully, internalized wounds from hurting others over the years. 
Someone who granted me chance after chance,
Because she saw my potential through a blink of a glance.  


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