A Hispanics life resumed (Others may relate)

Welcome to America! 

now turn around and shoo.

Take all these papers 

and come back a year or two.

Liberty is in our pledge,

yet still we cage such truth.

We come so close to the edge,

and plummet to our youth.

The words we recite each morning,

that make us feel "pride."

When next we might be jerking

silver cuffs behind our eyes.

Were getting close to independence day,

128 days to be sure.

Everyone wants to see the parades,

while others mourn at home.

You do not feel special walking outside,

well look around you and you will see

many people running around

hiding from the "ice" machine.

I am one lucky few

to walk with paths wide open.

With things to see and stuff to do

while having nine numbers to hold me.

I find that with all these advantages

I enter a moment of distress because I become so conscious 

( I will let my skin do the rest).

I cannot say I love it,

nor that I despise it

All I can say is...

What brings a flag to despise us?




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Juancruz Montalvo

I've made this poem to express my thoughts on whats going on in the world around me and think I've done a fair job not only representing what many hispanics face through but also what others may pass throught to get themselves or others out of these situations we see often today.

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