In His Touch

Sat, 06/14/2014 - 23:19 -- azeeble
Others talk of love and how much love they've had
All their boyfriends and their girlfriends
Three month marriages
Ain't it sad?
But I, unlike most, know the secret of the heart
I have a love, a sweet love
One of a kind
Where to start...
He loves me, he holds me, my heart he'd never hurt
Others say the same; they scoff
"Sounds familiar"
But I assert!
His eyes, they hold mine; his hands, mine as well
His words twine with mine
They fill my mind
Keep me still
He never asks too much of me - instead he calms my strife
My heart is simply enough for him
He calls me wife.
He's my life.
My love, he asks so little, yet gives to me so much
Never did I think I'd win
This love untold
In his touch.


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