His Still Head

I woke up again

Today I took it

For granted

I looked

At him

His head

His grey hairs

I always did

Not the grey ones

I looked at

The grey ones

But not always

Every morning

I woke up first

To see his beautiful




And the alarm clock

That said something


I would

Watch his

Head slowly turn

Upwards at the buzzing

One minute after

I woke up

Today I remembered

The first time

Those red hairs came about

I felt guilty I wasn’t

Supposed to be there

Our parents didn’t know

The feeling


Over time

The feeling is gone

Was gone

On our honeymoon

But so was the novelty

His static love

And mine

Never left though

But now his…

Today when

I woke up

I remembered red

And grey

And long

And short

And old pillows

I replayed

The scene over and over

Because I wanted to

Know what was


No imaginary breeze

Made the grey a prairie

His head



When the alarm clock rang



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