His Pain, My Story


United States
29° 38' 42.5328" N, 95° 31' 29.9496" W

I once looked in the eyes of a child
tears of blood no love forgiven
cold as ice, trembles with fear
torture of those when he shed a tear
he whispers his pain so i can hear
and then he stays quiet when they come near
I want to hear his story too
for I can tell what he been through
the look in their eyes were full of danger
because he's talking to a stranger
death in the eyes of a young child
imaging what happens as my mind runs wild
I hold his hand tightly
the firm of his grip.. weakens
the bruises on his face
trails of blood in his pupils
beaten for saying, i love you
neglected because he refuse to say, i hate you
I found my pride in his hands
as his soul went to heavens lands.


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