His Chilled Mission


United States
38° 26' 47.9868" N, 77° 21' 19.4868" W

While the breath of ice is upon us,
We have nothing but each other for warmth-
And safety. Protect me from the eye watering
Wind that blasts from the frost-whipped sky.
Envelop me; for warmth was stolen
By the wintery dragon that comes once a year.
With crystallized fangs, he comes with a chilled mission.
His ice and frost have become too much; thrust
Upon me with no choice, and
My nose is showing the drop in temperature.
My skin ripples at the heavy touch
Of frigid air that is poured from his mouth.
I chatter and shake at his frozen appearance.
Now the dragon is at the peak of his rule,
Sending an army of flakes to the ground.
He dares all to melt his power
And I’m begging you to fight for the sun.


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