His Brown Eyes

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 10:00 -- 190436


United States

We first met on a chilly fall day

The leaves were changed

And the wind was whistling


His brown eyes met my blue

And I believed in love at first sight

The sparks between us

Were like the Fourth of July


He loved me and I loved him

Every song on the radio was for us

Our love grew and grew and grew


Until one day it stopped

His brown eyes stopped looking at me with love

He barely looked at me anymore

He only looked when he yelled


He yelled and was cruel

He wasn’t the same

But our love was


The songs on the radio stopped being about us

I stopped going out with my friends

And I started using makeup on my skin

To cover his marks of black and blue


Through all i stayed with my brown eyed lover

Even though the brown met my sad blue


I stayed because, “I love you.”


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Our world


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