His Ancient Purpose by: Jaay Dee Kayy

A Black man awoke and stood atop a mountain,

And looked at the land below in awe and wonder,

His GOD was standing next to him,

His Heavenly Father who promised plunder,

And the Black man saw the people who occupied this land,

The children playing and laughing,

The mothers washing clothes in a basin,

And the playful follies of men,

His GOD said, "Advance your army."

And though the man didn't understand why the women and children had to die too,

Advance his army He did.

And his GOD advanced with them,

And destroyed these families in masses,

HIS Power was displayed against these sinful men,

You could feel HIS Power from atop the mountain,

"The blistering heat from the fire and destruction, He said,

Will soon come to an end."

"I just cannot allow My People to live amongst these sinful men."

"To fulfill My Promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I must give you this land."


"I must be the Almighty GOD, since you can't awaken it inside of yourself anymore."

The man, confused, looked behind him, around and on the sides of himself,

In his heart he said, "Surely the SON was standing behind me when He spoke these words."

GOD said, "I know your heart, and I knew your potential when I created you.

Atom should not have eaten from the tree with evil influence from the serpent,

Because it suppressed Man's Cosmic Power."

"Black Man, you were supposed to eat from the Tree,

Just not at the time that You did."

"I was supposed to show You the ways of GOD as my Child,

But the Adversary set you up to have the power of a mere animal,

But You are my SON, and I tried to show you that You could be powerful through my SON,

He was a human, and I made Him pure enough to access His Internal Power,"

"But," GOD said, "That was supposed to be you a long time ago."

"You were going to be eternal, immortal, but the serpent suppressed Your Power in the bite of a fruit."

The Black Man, visibly upset about this revelation, became very angry at His Ancestors,

"How could you be so GULLIBLE?! Now I don't have My GOD's Power anymore!"

"Black Man," GOD said, "I never said that you couldn't access your Power anymore."

"I said it was suppressed, not that it didn't exist inside you anymore. This is why I awakened Abram until he was Abraham,

I awakened Jacob until He was Israel. This Israel. YOU'RE of Israel, Black Man."

The man looked down at the burning land again, bewildered.

Suddenly, the Black Man was at peace with everything,

Om shanti shanti shanti

Om shanti shanti shanti

Om shanti shanti shanti....

The man opened His Eyes,

And He was in His bed.

In his rental home.

Waking up from a dream, or trance, or whatever it was,

He grabbed the keys to his car and headed out the door.

The sounds of the city no longer sounded like music,

It sounded like screams, and grunts, and groans, and cries.

The Black Man's eyes began to tear up because of the state of the once beautiful Earth,

And then, suddenly,

His eyes widened in understanding.



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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