A Hint of Science

Science: I need this.

But I'm afraid it does not 

Quite fit the boundaries

Because it is not only 

One Thing.


Science is beauty

From the simple

(Water in zero-gee)

To the complex

(Fractals spiraling into infinity).


Science is fear,

Urging us onwards ,

Curing diseases,

Taming oceans,

Saving power,

Ending poverty.


Science is love,

From neurotransmitters

To pupil dialation,

Measuring the worth

Of the unmeasureable.


Science is lives

Sheltering under popup tents,

Eating rations designed for storage,

Drinking water filtered by pages of a book,

Living lives that would be lost.


Science is hope.

That in the future,

We will know more-

Learn more-

Do more-

Be more.


Without science, I would not be curious.

I would not be hopeful,

Or afraid.

Or striving for a better future

Or marvelling at nature.


Without science, my lungs would never have been clear

And I would not be here to sing its praises

There would have been no antibiotics for my sister

No painkillers for my friend

No surgery for my mother.


The earliest science used herbs and water

The newest one uses the power of each atom

But all science reaches for improvement

All science is necessary. 


All I need

Is science. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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