Him and Me

Thu, 01/16/2014 - 00:26 -- SunnyD


Him and Me

The way it should be

US alone, in OUR own home

But you see, him and me are too young to be.

Bound by our age we are restricted.

Found by most, to be foolish kids.

This is not about the burning embers we hold in our hearts for eachother,

But the norms created and enforced by another.

Marriage and Love.

I am too young to know, the words from which my mouth flow.

I don't understand, the importance of the ring on that hand.

We cannot be.

Not yet you see.

Because the longing to spend the rest of eternity with him is not enough.

Because the times are too damn rough.

I know...

But is it a crime that my dreams grow?

The desires I hold to be self-evident 

Life, Liberty, and the persuit of Happiness.

I want to be happy, and not to sound sappy but...

Him and Me.

We wait to "be together" in that speacial way,

We wait for when together we can lay.

We wait because it foolish to rush.

We wait because we are told to hush.

But you see, Him and Me are as perfect as can be.

Two years later and nothing has changed.

Yet our thoughts to wed are still deranged.

After college we will see, if his desire to marry me

Is still odd, flawed, or if it in fact was a divine act of God.

Him and Me.

Since tenth grade we will be.

Him and Me.

Forever and into eternity.









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