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A smile crept across my face

a smile that I can't replace

just thinking of the memory

of everything you are to me

from chemistry to the USA

you left but I was here to stay

and then away I went as well

facing challenges from hell

a month and a day went by

your letters came to say hi, not bye

two years would pass and not a word

your mother's news was all I heard

your adventures day to day

and I came back, what can I say?

my home was a boring place

and without your ugly face

I seemed to like not of it

though missing it was such a fit

each day would come and go

and you would never even know

how it felt when you had to leave

if I said so you wouldn't believe 

You will never ever know

these feelings I will never show

and being away won't be bad

or make me even a bit too sad

since I know how I'll feel

when I see him that year

and he'll say my name

and I'll say his

but I'll be happy that you'll see

to see his ugly face again

which means so much to me





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