Him, who brings me this immense joy into my small, fragile heart.

Him, who seems I have known him for so little, but knows so much of every single captivating detail of his character.

This feeling I get everytime he touches my waist and caresses my face. 

I feel happiness, love, anxiety shooting at me like fireworks, and the twinkle of little bright stars that blind me of all my sorroundings.

It's him who i love seeing each and everyday that I can, to hold him and for him to hold me.

To hug him and kiss him like there is no tomorrow in our busy, disturbing calendar.

Wow! If he knew how much I really love him, but I am certain he feels it everytime I look at his daring eyes.

I drown in my own little world, in which only me and him live in.

What can I say?

He's got the moon, the sun and the stars all down at my feet.

I love this man very deeply, I love him in my own lovely, passionate way, as the same he can love me.

And love me forever.


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