Words I see portrayed every time I step in front of a mirror.


I say to myself, "Lose weight and he will like you"

He force feeds me words that deprive me of realizing my true beauty.

He takes away nutriends that were my only source of hope and happiness.

On the plastic surgery table, he cuts me down to his ideal size, yet makes my heart heavy with depression and envy.


I say to myself, "Smile because he loves when girls are happy"

Yet, my mouth is frozen shut displaying how cold and numb my heart has become.


I say to myself, "Be smart because he loves a girl with ambition"

Pushed down and told I will never be the next Stephen Hawking because I was a girl and was always talking.

So, I got back up and pushed myself harder, until social abilities and friends were ripped from me as if I committed murder.

My school became my prison, every classroom a cell.

Yet, I am the victim, robbed from my childhood.


Ripped to shreds, no hope in my future, because he made me believe I am nothing until he loves me.


This "he" is our society.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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