Highway to a Better Existance

As a child

Confidence was not part of me

But I grew up with honesty

Friends tried to make me see

I am beautiful and that is key


At school I do my very best

Working hard and passing every test

Could this distract me from knowing myself?

Maybe we really never know ourselves


There were times when I was heartbroken

And it felt like a burden

Though it distracted me and bothered me, I was hurt

I saw how I have to be more alert


One month straight I was ill

My happiness went downhill

Because of him

I became very slim


And in my pain with every tear
I needed someone kind to hear

Could this distract me from knowing myself?

Maybe we really never know ourselves


Then shady were the clouds that flew

The day I heard the dreadful news

The day I learned my sister's car was in a crash

Oh, how my life changed in a flash


Though with faith

I felt very safe

I started to discover myself

I am knowing my true self


With all my free time

My close friends helped me build my prime

I realized how much I was blessed

It was then I started to feel my best


I was no more of a closed soul

I opened up and started to set goals

With advice I received from my dad

It was momentous and I couldn't be more glad


I saw things I was able to achieve

Upon every support, every smile I believed

I was free of heavy weight

I know by then I felt great

For me to start with a clean slate

That I was able to recreate

I knew I found myself that day

For my heartaches and pain finally went away 

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