Highlight of 2016

It always starts cold.
Living life bold.
Wrestling got old.
Final grades out.
Im smart with no doubt.
But never had water in the spout.
Summer rolled around.
Football training by the pound.
They said my skills were profound.
The team had gone 3 years without a win.
When the season starts, I grin.
Our numbers are spread thin.
The first game has just begun.
When it's said and done.
We scored no points not a one.
The losses pile on.
9 games and it's almost gone.
But we still stand strong.
Last game down 20 at the half.
I've ran cramps in to my calf.
They say "give up" I start to laugh.
I'll do it by myself.
I need nobody else.
I've worked harder than an elf.
Must achieve a victory.
Losing I am sick of the.
The last game will always stick to me.
The team had band together.
In the rainy weather.
We are as tough as leather.
A come back is on our mind.
We do it just in time.
20-20 in OT.
We score and fill with glee.
Th enemy begins to flee.
All around now there is pure joy.
No time to be annoyed.
I'm glad I did it with my boys.
Finally home cold and sore.
The heat we can't afford.
My bed I do adore.
One win made this year great.
Time to relax and deflate.
Hardships? I can relate.

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