A High School Lover, As Is and Should Be

I looked over my shoulder at the feeling of eyes tingling my spine

And there you were and you seemed fine

In all honesty you looked ridiculous in a grey and orange striped t-shirt with a blazer

And all I thought was the simple word “nerd” before I looked back at my paper.


That was freshman year, during which a facial scar was my main feature

Your interest seemed no more than curiosity at the damage from my procedure,

But it was more as I knew when you approached me after class;

Eating lunch that day was your adorable first pass.


You know, there was something about your persistency,

And, as time went on, I grew awfully fond of your consistency,

But my heart went to another and yours went asunder

And within days so did mine as I regretted my plunder.


While I had been standoffish of your sweet charms

I found the most comfort near your arms

And, after another three years,

Grew up to face my fears.


Now I am with the nerd I got to know after all this time,

And loving you is mighty fine.

Your wit and humor have led me towards

Feeling loved rather than simply adored.


Because I love you I know it's fine

That I waited and kept waiting until I felt comfortable to date, and it took time,

And you were ok with it because you loved me

My insecurities and confusion you never blamed, you let me be.


And though mutual respect and continual kindness our love bloomed

Not fertilized with toxic jealousy our natural admiration boomed

And now I know you’re the one for me, for now,

And that's good enough for you because that's all we can vow.


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