High School Is Harder Than You Think

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 18:40 -- aknight

These fractions on the whiteboard

Cannot seem to hold my attention

I don’t mean to hoard

My willingness to learn, yet there always seems to be a big prevention


I want to learn, to become smart

But the hardest part of doing something is always the start

No matter how many scenarios you work through,

Tangents and circles will never be something that I do


How will discovering the perimeter of a triangle

Be what determines whether I overcome or I dangle

At the end of my life?


Test after test, it feels like I’m just a name and grade

Pressure’s getting to some of us now

Get a good test score, and your life is made

Slip up once and no one will know how

You managed to get kicked out

They’ll just know, that now you take a different route

To get to a different school


Students on tight-ropes, struggling to stay balanced

Fighting battles every day, just so they won’t be besieged

If by some lucky mishap, that you have talents

To handle the truckloads of homework and the less than reasonable expectations

Then good for you

If not, you should heed:

High school is harder than you think.


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