High School Graduation



So much time has past since freshmen year,

We've found ourselves and who we are,

Maybe we can leave this place with some cheer,

But we will leave with much, much fear.

Things always change left and right,

Nothing ever seems to stay the same,

All the people we have seen every day since first grade,

We all have to leave each other.

We hope, pray,  wish that the ones we love find success,

But we really want them to find it by our sides,

Everyone knows the truth, but no one wants to believe it,

Even though we knew this was the ending,

We have known it for years.

Now we are finally here,

At the beginning of our lives,

But we hesitate as we take our first step,

No matter how many times we look back,

It will never, ever be enough.

All the smiles, laughs, and memories,

They hold us back from letting go,

This is the last year we will have comfort,

Comfort in the friendships we have made.

We don't understand how hard it will be,

To take those first steps into the unknown,

To leave and be by ourselves, on our own

With no one by our side, no shoulder to cry on.

The friendships we have left behind,

May become piled in dust,

But if they are real friendships,

They will never be forgotten.

Home is where the heart is,

That is how it will forever be,

Always come home to those you left behind,

There you'll find your memories and smiles waiting.

So now everyone let’s take a piece of the future,

Because it is finally time for us to make it our own.


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