High School— No Lifeguard On Duty

Cover your ears little darling,

Space your fingers evenly like piano keys

No scant remains of your cry

Will scar your beloved brain, a pained pulp

Stand feet shoulder length apart

Feet planted firmly into the ground

Like tree roots plunging the earth

Unforgiving wind pushes and pulls

Don’t you dare quiver

Close your delicate eyes for they

They flow now,

A bathtub left to run


Ignore the friends, a façade

Ignore those who saw you drowning

Ignore the ones to shove you below

Like an apple to bob in water

Wait for one of those friends

Notice not a one

Reaches out, touches your hand

Notice how nobody seems to

Notice you at all

Open your packaged pain, a gorged box

Take the lid off and pour them out

Like a leaking sink pipe


Let them crescendo, an aphonic orchestra

Booming vehemently chasing each other

Your clawfoot tub overflows

Like a little girl that can’t keep a secret

Take notice, no lifeguard on duty

Condensation droplets of your story executing themselves

Plopping purposefully below

My love, gasp for air, a last attempted triumph

Back grazing the soil

Just let it happen 

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