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i’m high-maintenance, baby, i swear it, and this you have to know,

and i know that you disagree, because for you this is just how things go.

but though i know you don’t care for it, you can’t just ignore all my texts.

to you it means basically nothing, but for me it marks lack of interest.


i don’t care how busy you were today

(tell me about it all over the phone);

but don’t try to tell me twelve hours later

about how you wish i was home.


it’s exhausting to maintain conversation,

but if you want me, you’ll do it regardless.

because every time that you ignore me,

it really makes me feel worthless.


and my god, cameron, if you ignore me,

don’t mention it later; please don’t.

all of my effort i spent to feel better

will fly right out of the window.


i know i’m high-maintenance; i’m sorry,

but this is just what you signed up for.

i cannot believe you can tell me you love me,

but not send me a “i’ll text you later”.


i don’t like to be ignored, my darling, my honey, and this you have to know.

and i don’t care if you say you’re sorry; your sincerity doesn’t show.

you don’t think there’s anything wrong with this; i know, i know, i know.

for me, it’s a lack of interest, but for you it’s just how these things go.

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