Hiding... Watching... Waiting...

Hiding, watching, waiting

I’m sitting in the shadows

Peaking through the curtains

In the darkness enclosed

Waiting for him


Hiding, watching, waiting

I sip my cup of black tea

He finds me, we talk

And soon he’s down on one knee

And I say yes


Hiding, watching, waiting

It’s the day I’ve waited so long for

I’m dressed in white, happy

He has prepared for the war

In black – ominous


Hiding, watching, waiting

Like the Greeks he lurks for me

Waiting in the darkness

Until he has extracted my plea

For escape


Hiding, watching, waiting

Bursting forth from his clever hiding place

I see his true colors unfold

I run away as my arms race

Far away from him


Hiding, watching, waiting

He tricked me and I fell

Deep into the hole

That truly felt like hell

Why me


Hiding, watching, waiting

He still lurks in the shadows

Eyeing me through the darkness

He was my Trojan horse

And I didn’t know


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