Hide That Pretty Little Face of Yours

I wake up again, look in the mirror, see my face.

God, I gotta cover it up with makeup, not because I want to but because it's considered 'not pretty'

Brush my hair thoroughly because I do not want to get another comment on my hair being ratty.

God, I wish I could just cut it all off but it's not the stereotype of 'pretty'.

Put on ripped jeans that almost show my uterus, that I don't even like but being a skank is in too and If I don't do what's 'in' I might as well be an outcast.

Put on those uncomfortable adidas shoes because they're the latest trend and I would stick out like a sore thumb if I didn't wear them.

Going through so much pain just to feel like I fit in for eight hours.

My so called 'friend' asks if she and all her friends can spend the night.

Despite me not even liking this girl and all I really want to do is play video games even though it's not 'cool' I say yes

Despite her probably just using me for my pool and trampoline I say yes.

God, now I got to put up this perfect cool girl act for the rest of the night even though I'm so tired.

Now, I gotta clear my room of all the embarrassing posters of Brendon Urie and amines because it's the worst sin.

I open the door to her and smile the fakest smile.

Wow, I love this altered fake life I'm living.

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My community
Our world


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