Hide and Seek – part 1 – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems

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About The Poetry Book

This Book which has 50 differently titled Poems , is actually part 1 of the Book titled – Hide and Seek – Rhyming & Non Rhyming Poems ( 702 pages ) . Parekh's earliest collection of verse. Written in unparallelled fervor, this collection is a delectable blend of topics from love to death, probing into countless infinitesimal aspects of existence which make a significant impact to it. The beauty of this compendium lies in its magical brevity at places and in the most mundane things of life around us brought to the fore like a magicians wand, in brilliant poetic flair by Parekh. Contains poems on topics impossible for one to envisage that a poem could be written about such an inconspicuous little thing-but Parekh evolves bountiful rhyme from the word go and coalesces vivacious color in the little tid-bits of the chapter called life to optimum effect. A must read for all those who find color, charm and significance in even the smallest things of life and are enthused by even the most mercurial bit of stray paper loitering around. A poetic tribute to the ordinary, projecting its colorful extraordinary bit to the planet with raw panache.

This book tingles every living being's imagination to fantasize beyond the ordinary. Look at all those meaningful tid-bits around us which have a complete book written in each one of them. All those joyous and unfortunate anecdotes around us which make us blossom into the true spirit of existence; into the amazing celebration of omnipotent life.


2. 100 HOLES
13. BATH


When i thought about filth and dirt,
unethical images of floating sewage blended with feces capsized my mental imagery.

when i thought about transparently luring crystal water,
panoramic visions of undulating mountains besieged me in entirety.

when i thought about finely crushed chowder of piquant salt,
rambunctious memories of the sea flooded desolate regions of my soul.

when i thought about tenaciously blowing coats of wind,
lascivious mass of dense tree foliage revolved subtly through my mind.

when i thought about bountiful springs of frosty milk,
sacrosanct images of the twin horned cow submerged me with glee.

when i thought about swaying my body in animated jubilation,
extravagant pictures of the country barn discotheque gleamed large in my eyes.

when i thought about prolific waves of acerbic heat,
charismatic demeanor of the sun god shot loud and clear all throughout cells of my brain.

when i thought about praying to the almighty,
omniscient portraits of Christ nailed to bare wood proliferated in my memory.

when i thought about the destitute succumbing to pangs of starvation,
shriveled silhouettes of skinny children instantaneously crept up my scalp.

when i thought about exorbitant luxury with king sized dishes of food,
frivolous images of silken gold took strangle hold of my impeccable heart.

and when i thought about perennial threads of sacred matrimony,
effeminate outlines of the girl i loved delectably settled in topmost compartments of my mind.

2. 100 HOLES

If there were a 100 holes in the dry ground,
small rivulets of water would get accumulated after seasonal spells of monsoon,
a blend of mice, rabbit, and ant would continue to live in passionate harmony.

If there existed a 100 holes in the ornately sculptured tea kettle,
Sizzling droplets of brown liquid would ooze as if from a lawn sprinkler,
Scalding all in vicinity with boiling showers of freshly made tea.

If there were a 100 holes in well spun office shirt,
There would probably be no need for fans and large coolers,
Natural draughts of air would pierce sweat laden zones of chest,
Thereby compensating the need for artificial contrivances.

If there were a 100 holes in the base of my leather shoe,
Fresh waves of wind would ventilate through my feet,
Hence filtering tension clogged veins inhabiting the body.

If there were a 100 holes in luxury liner floating on ocean water,
Saline liquid from the sea would painstakingly penetrate,
Ergonomically plush interiors of ship would be flooded with water,
The ship made of the strongest wood fibre would sink to the bottom of the ocean.

If there were a 100 holes in the juicy fruit of african apple,
A cluster of worm would nibble its core,
Rendering it as a commodity to be used as a duplication for stone.

If there appeared a 100 holes in the flaming silhouette of Sun,
The light dispersing on earth would be complete with gloom and haze,
Prompting the young to walk with sticks in their hands groping blindly for

If there were a 100 holes in my heart,
I would drill it with many more still deeper,
Filling them all with reflections of whom I loved,
Keeping them full upto the brim for the remaining quota of years,
I am destined to tread on the soil of earth.


i occur in spots of irregular proportions,
i might be black, brown or blue,
i hold great significance in tuning a human being,
i am present right since the first cry of life,
i am indeed a BIRTHMARK.

i have undulating rash waves,
i rise and fall with respect to placement of moon,
i am peculiarly salty in taste,
i am a boarding house for fern and fish,
i constitute more than 70 percent of earths surface,
i am the deep blue ocean smashing on rocks.

i have brown precipices,
i have loose soil cascading down,
i stand like a fortress amidst a cocoon of clouds,
i am a warehouse of museums of minerals,
i don’t like people blasting me with explosive,
i am a chain of mammoth shining rock.

i have multicolored yellow wings,
i posses stripes of scarlet red,
i feed on minuscule ants and grub,
i perch on dark corners of the room,
i love to fly all sunlit day,
i christen myself the butterfly.

i emit poisonous smoke,
i know i look like rotten egg,
i cause several diseases and pain,
i lie at the rear of a motorized vehicle,
i want to commit suicide,
i am none other than a circular exhaust pipe.


I took a mammoth slab of bar magnet in my hands,
camouflaged within interiors of colored plastic.

traversing through plush lanes of the city,
sandwiched between hordes of building and shopping malls,
thoroughly illuminated in silver light of the moon,
i walked at euphoric pace clad in thin summer clothing,
with the monstrous iron magnet tightly strangled in my palm.

the events that unfolded were a feast to the eye,
slender pins of needle hurtled towards me,
worn out pieces of rusty metal got firmly riveted,
sign boards of metal got uprooted from their concrete base,
reinforced doors of safe deposit vault tore free from barricade of lock,
gates of wrought iron sung open granting me royal access to the castle,
portable canisters of food landed on my lap breaking the display glass in frenzy,
tall poles of gaudy sodium light developed angular curvatures,
rustic candelabrum danced violently on the mantelpiece,
all metal in proximity swayed infectiously,
I then tried to capture the heart of a young maiden,
Loitered around her for humid hours of the day,
Slept a few feet away through the equally breezy night,
Alas! The gizmo had eluded me this time,
It was blended with the prowess to attract the mightiest on earth,
Although the reigning moment it had miserably flunked,
It hadn't succeeded in capturing her tender heart,
Shattering her arrogance like a pack of playing cards,
Drawing her close within millimeters of my vicinity,
The gigantic bar magnet had failed to strike when it mattered the most,
imprison forever the love I always desired.


The newspaper was soiled with moisture and dirt,
long strands of my hair lay thoroughly dismantled,
perfumed cloth of shirt was soaked in pools of sweat,
the nylon vest clung tightly to my broad chest frame,
beads of water trickled down bushy eyebrows,
smudges of condensed vapour adhered to the crystal mirror,
i could see an army of red ant transporting grain,
twin cuckoo birds flying with small pieces of twig and broken straw,
large tablets of carbolic, disinfectant, colored shampoo liquid camouflaged me from the world,
a solid teak door concealed me from embarrassing gaze,
stingy draughts of air blew from the partially open vent,
hordes of mosquito stung ripe areas of my flesh,
lazy flies buzzed incessantly in the hollow ambience of my eardrum,
my body perspired like torrential rain pelting down,
crisp noises of newspaper shuffling emanated as I read.

there was a shining chain suspended from the roof,
tickling sensitive areas of my nostril,
the minute i anticipated had finally arrived,
the painstaking agony was now on the verge of conclusion,
it was now conducive to flush away the accumulated debris,
consisting of foul Chinese matter which i had consumed the previous night,
i pulled the chain with all my existing might,
gushing rivulets of water flushed the dirt,
infinite bowels in my intestine were now rendered clean,
as i emitted a sigh of relief, a hearty thanks to the Creator,
stripped of natural reserves of energy,
I stepped out of the disdainful interiors of my bathroom.


Meteors shot from crystal clear sky mass,
leaped down the galaxy at the onset of twilight,
diffusing finally into fluorescent molecules of shiny light.

parrot green buds ripened on live branches of oak tree,
bushy squirrel flesh kissed umpteenth spots in the hollow trunk,
the living pores of hard wood cried,
when scientists passed spasmodic currents of electricity.

the cows bathed in a cascade of chilly ice-cream,
waded their path through paths of thick curry,
leaving trails of footprints triangular in pattern,
coating their white skin with blotches of clay mud.

the sparrows chirped enchanting rhymes in unison,
hoisted fine threads of bamboo sticks to their place of dwelling,
constructing warm network of crisscrossed twigs,
laid round white pearls of egg with nourishing yolk.

there was thunder accompanied with streaks of lightning,
the shooting stars had fallen hours ago,
soft balls of clouds clashed mercilessly,
parched cracks of earth eventually separated,
to devour hungrily torrential sheets of pelting rain.


This vast expanse of blue tepid water,
the yellow sun evading the skies,
the beauty all so glamorous,
the shimmering spires of the town.
green pastures ,chirping birds,
colored sands at their perennial best,
puts beautiful palace at incisive test.
stalwarts built it firm and strong,
entrepreneurs decorated it with bronze.
water cascading at umpteenth places,
makes it the darling of all races.
garlanded with human emotions,
looks like a fire ablaze at night,
a real treat to the human eye,
with tawny fishes saying goodbye.
the colorful bonanza of gaudy lights,
the orchestra singing to a perfect rhyme,
the ornamental clock tower gives a midnight chime,
blissful silence descends all over,
as i succumb to the delight of invincible sleep.


She was all that i ever desired,
her body was engulfed with waves of enchantment,
slender fingers smelt of heavenly nectar,
fleshy earlobes were adorned with beads of gold,
luscious lips murmured fairy tales of uncurbed desire,
angular neck swung instantly to my soft reflection,
daintily carved feet tread on a mountain of thorns,
olive skinned palms spread eagled for everlasting embrace,
silky strands of hair cascaded down her shoulder,
crystal white armory of teeth produced magical
she was a Goddess drenching me with rain showers of eternal love.


Sunlit days sped into gruesome chilly nights,
clock seconds ticked at amazing speeds,
the tyranny of time had taken its toll,
corrupted human mass had rendered me peniless,
there was no scope for employment at distant quarters of society,
strong rooms of currency were sealed with iron bars of denial,
brutal strokes of destiny levered my head down in shame,
i knew she was the queen of my heart,
bound we were going to be in threads of holy matrimony,
empty containers of food grain echoing like dead skeletons,
a labyrinth of sockets in my purse devoid of life bestowing note,
and a dreadful images of newborn offspring’s dying of starvation,
slaughtered my ideas of blissful romance,
crippled me in person with spearheads of pragmatic reality,
there was no point in acquainting her with the distraught scenario,
neither did I intend to expose her to harsh territories of life,
prompting me to consume a liter of rat poison,
the venom painstakingly ending three years of our intense love


In the darkness that surrounds me,
a light wavers above my head,
maneuvering my thoughts to moonlight,
with a blurred destiny to handle,
through finely stitched fields of a happy pepped up mind.

that light gives me guided hope,
in the black starry night,
reinvigorating my belief in mystic faith,
winding entangled keys of my mind.

the cool air hits my eyes,
tracing salty liquid of complexity,
knocking the healthy blue tinge away,
in that varied shocking manner,
from top compartments of my mind.

those punching thoughts press my mind,
leading me to the abysmal world below,
in an atmosphere of heavily laden gloom,
as i discover my concious breath at last.


I drowned myself in large beer cans of alcohol,
lay the whole night on desolate sands of the beach,
traversed bare feet through scorching territories of stone ground,
sang nostalgic rhymes while kissing the winter breeze,
grew strands of unruly beard on the immaculate skin of my face,
stared unrelentingly all night at the cameo of twinkling stars,
consumed food abstemiously with occasional sips of soiled water,
erupted with volatile outbursts of anger at the slightest of provocation,
walked at languid pace with the acerbic sun filtering through my eyes,
wore pure suits of torn jute blended with cheap pieces of leather,
lambasted myself with incessant strokes of the whiplash at dawn,
distributed all my affluence to the needy and impoverished,
disposed my smoke grey sedan in fathomless waters of the ocean,
burnt all novels which contained even minuscule traces of romance,
refrained to cast frivolous glances the charismatic passing by,
sequestered myself from pragmatic realities of life,
spending life like a relic in a dilapidated barn,
ploughing the earth with my pickaxe shovel;the only means of survival,
i had obscure memories of my last laughter,
the last time i had bounced radiantly;blooming with life,
at the present moment though i sobbed all day and sinister night,
i no longer possessed the power to win back my love,
to shrug of the obliterations and make her forever mine.


Here as i sit with network of green to surround,
the Falcon soaring high in the blue sky,
a blanket of dew drops on the fresh green leaves,
shining a perpetual golden brown.

the silence and tranquility of the blissful air,
blueberry flowers on steep slopes of valley,
causing mystical ravines of my heart to flood with beauty and sizzling excitement,
the magic touch of heavenly green spreads all over,
there follows a heavy downpour of tropical rain,
macro droplets of water cascade everywhere,
with the grass blades crying out in anticipation to swallow the rain drops,
clear and transparent, quenching their thirst for divine blessings,
leaving them submerged in a river of celestial love.

tall pine trees had their drooping branches covered with white snow,
shielded the valley in heat with their shade and warmth,
enriching every inch of soil with their overgrown root,
as golden rays of the sun shine on their leaves,
displaying vivid contrasts of velvety green and satin yellow,
obscuring my eyes with film of salty tears,
enjoying this lovely rapturous sight,
fulfilling desires lurking in my soul with vibrant echoes of ravishing nature.


Red rays of sunlight peep through my window,
focusing a path of mystic beauty,
shimmering into a pool of darkness,
falling directly in my wide open eyes,
tracing a look of abstract fear,
absorbing flimsy shells of courage,
deserting me in a state of speechless exuberance.

the flaming sun i see,
resembles the door of a fresh heart,
throbbing with a mild intensity,
red and gracious in color,
filtering burdened pores of intricate mind,
for a renewal of liveliness,
and powerful glints of hope astride.

the blazing Sun behind me,
pats my back and says,
i want to come down, sit beside you my friend,
to enjoy this world from close quarters,
and lo! behold he is racing down,
his size has shrunken to a podded pea,
the world has turned upon him like a bee,
for if he comes down on earth,
who will give them courage and antiseptic light,
they would be left solitary on ground,
with dampness of humanity to surround.

13. BATH

When i took a bath in red acrylic paint,
my body resembled the sun fading in murky horizons of dusk.

when i drenched myself with coal tar liquid,
snow white patches of my skin transited to ghastly black.

when i sprinkled buckets of rotten vegetable juice in plenty,
i smelt like i had last bathed in innocent childhood.

when i rolled wildly in mud lying in fresh pools of rain,
multiple pores of my body went berserk in heated euphoria.

when i poured large cans of honey extracted from bee-hive,
my body became a breeding place for red ant and worm.

when i swam in white icy waters of the mountain stream,
i shivered incessantly with a plethora of goose-bumps instantly formed.

When I submerged myself in a tank of steaming acid,
soft layers of flesh got denuded of silky hair.

when I engulfed myself in churned green chili juice,
i felt live currents of electricity circulating through my blood.

when I sprayed petrol with high pressured hose,
entangled mass of my intestine vomited settled food granules.

And finally when I stood beneath a shower oozing gold coin,
I felt this bath should go on for decades immemorial.


My eyes open with tremendous velocity,
my lips mumble the essence of life,
my teeth grit, like a formidable fortress,
my body probes with upsurgent fervor,
as i am exuberant beyond capacity.

the pain subsides to nothingness,
a memorandum of life time cherishment,
as the unprecedented force of destiny,
the curtain spread of wilderness,
strikes a deal with the traumatic cadence of survival,
mesmerized by the amazing body machinery,
dictating a "sizzling new chapter of existence"

ah! many a lesson learnt,
fiddling with natural mechanisms,
leads to the horrendous path of treacherous agony,
evaporating every ounce of enthusiasm,
drowning 'me' into dark cataclysmic waters.

the drainpipe of creativity,
finally succumbing to human fallacy,
trying to breathe through minute pores of legitimate versatility,
devastated every minute by the inevitable lechery of self productivity,
with an abysmal desire to challenge almighty,
leading to convulsive repetitions of suicidal simplicity,
finally assassinating the eccentric chapter, of sinful imagination,
dismantling the torrid structure of rigid thought flow,
from its very non existent roots,
accentuating 'harmony with nature' as the ' peak of reality'


A casual glimpse at the beggars face,
can reveal altogether a new case.
its filled with substantial beauties and charm,
the joy hidden in occasionally occurring sleepy trance.
the bone jarring thoughts of his simplistic mind,
involve no trickery plots like the educated kind.
his hands so shabby look black and soggy,
they cant get the ingredients of an ivory flask.
homicidal tendencies crept in his mind,
he held gleaming knives in his hand,
ripped through bulging pockets of passing bystanders,
laughed like a harmless devil sipping icy mouthfuls
of left over food.
his eyes have an uncanny touch of blue,
they don’t envisage great ideas of creation,
instead give realistic clues of hunger at its very best.


The rain goes on; blame it on the weatherman,
The mud appears dreadfully scorched; blame it on paucity of water,
The cigarette causes hostile cancer; blame it on fillings of noxious tobacco,
The automobile plummets down the valley; blame it on failure of intricate
The glistening marble looks untidy; blame it on blemishes of dark chocolate,
The luxury liner sinks in the ocean; blame it on gaping holes in its persona,
The man trips over and bruises his nose; blame it on the loose splinters of
The contemporary computer closes abruptly; blame it on a plethora of nefarious
The plush cable car hurtles down the mountain; blame it on the frigid wire,
The deadly poison strangulates breath; blame it on the venomous adder,
The demeanor of white paper transits of disdainful yellow; blame it on the
process of perpetual decay,
The knotted hand pains while hoisting loads; blame it on a network of fracture,
The outlines of objects seems to be fading; blame it on diminishing vision,
Immaculate chunks of rosewood develop an army of indentation; blame it on the
belligerent termite,
The fledglings didn’t hatch from the shell; blame it on inadequate proportion
of heat,
The body was grotesquely distorted since birth; blame it on the chromosomes,
Infinite fibers of hair were sprawled with dandruff; blame it on the lack of oil,
The lights on the street flickered violently; blame it on weak current,
The eyes inevitably felt dreary with intoxication; blame it on the honey golden alcohol,
The soul trembled for mercy; blame it on the sins of past life;
And the heart stopped throbbing;relinquishing to beat; blame it on
the compassionate love lost.


When i slept on a razor sharp blanket of thorns,
tiny buds of needle pierced ashen white regions of my flesh,
painstakingly penetrating pliable arenas of supple skin,
prompting my rudimentary blood to ooze,
keeping me awake all throughout long hours of the autumn night.

As I camouflaged my body with a blanket of flower petal,
A mesmerizing fragrance enveloped sultry cocoons of atmosphere,
The aroma settling placidly under cloud covers of dusk,
truckloads of worries evaporated from top compartments of my mind,
And I felt invincibly drowned in bountiful scent of nature.

When I squirmed violently on a blanket of steaming slippery sand,
Minuscule shards of glass and dirt blended with profusely dripping sweat,
There was a feeling of intense abrasion all over my silhouette,
Accompanied with fiery desires to scratch my skin raw,
I suddenly felt soiled with an ocean of dirt,
Stood under the mountain springs to cleanse every iota of my blotted persona.

When I tossed in quiet contentment on a blanket of authentic cheddar cheese,
There came a battalion of red ant to nibble and gnaw,
King sized mice crept stealthily to devour the feast,
I myself felt suddenly hungry,witnessing the creatures relish their meal,
Thoroughly inspired I tore at solid chunks of salted milk,
Swallowing them with profound glee,satisfying my omnipotent gluttony for food.

I spent all day perched on blankets of perpetual love,
Sharing the traumatic agony of all in vicinity,
Catering to unsurpassable needs of my beloved,
Gratifying impoverished souls with chivalrous smiles,
I finally arrived at indispensable conclusions of clinging hard to this blanket,
For the remaining tenure of years I tread my feet as a human on this earth.


I consumed a meal consisting of crushed chili with poignant fillings of snake brown pepper,
immediately felt the urge to gulp a can full of water.

i abruptly got up from the vigils of sleep; to eructate my inflated bowels,
instantaneously felt the need for gallons of water.

i noticed corrugated blotches of stain sprawling wildly on my car windshield,
prompting me to spray it clean with refined globules of water.

i jogged incessantly through undulating landscapes of the rocky terrain,
felt appeasingly relaxed after sipping crystal water from the monsoon springs.

i woke with terrified jolts;envisaging a horrendous dream,
recieved instant gratification as i drank colossal pints of flavored water.

i scribbled painstakingly obnoxious pages of the annual exam papers,
reclined back on my rocking chair drowned in colossal pools of coconut water.

i tresspassed through arid regions of the sahara desert,
intermittently wetting my tongue with infinitesimal amounts of water.

i percieved utter desolation enveloping my demeanour,
chivalrously swallowed herculean streams of melon water,
to relinquish the memory of my departed beloved.

i felt epidemic fever circulate through entangled capillaries of my body,
flooded my belly with marathon oceans of water to swipe off the deadly

i felt stinging pangs of acrimonious heat strike me in the peak of summer,
felt as if floating in paradise;minutes after drinking farm fresh sugarcane water.

i knew deep inside; that i could live without food for days on the trot,
but to remain divested of ground water even for more than an hour was disconcertingly impossible.


I flung pointed pebbles leaning on the balcony rail,
gnawed incessantly at my soft finger flesh,
poked at entangled knots of hair mixing long
fingernails with scalp zone,
spit loads of saliva on pavements of stale concrete,
kicked violently at loose chunks of sand lying unattended,
tore every bit of transparent cloth in close proximity,
trampled on infinite insects that lurked infuriatingly across my way,
devoured solid bones of calcium, crushing them with my teeth,
peeled crisp wall paint in plenty with incoherent strokes of footnail,
ripped triangular caps from compressed bottles of soda drink,
spilled jars containing carbon ink on satiny covers of the bedroom mattress,
plucked masses of grass blades rolling languidly in undulating landscape of
the garden,
transformed pencil ends to distorted junk by repetitive chewing,
added tones of salt to fruit juice before consumption,
pedaled my bicycle till a river of sweat descended down my neck,
revolved my body in clockwise journeys at electric beats of music,
trimmed waste hair emanating sparsely from twin nostrils,
applied scented lotion to the back of palm to revitalize skin,
roamed aimlessly through solitary streets at the onset of midnight.

Weird situations of nil work had made me fidgety,
Obsessions for exorbitant adventure seemed to be fast fading,
I strolled at fast pace across the periphery of my fruit orchard,
Clambered up a tall tree bearing blood red apple,
Snatched it deftly from within its house of green leaf,
Drank sweet juice charged with small pints of ravishing flavour,
From deep cores within its delicately tender heart.


When twin rubber brakes of my amber Mercedes abruptly failed,
while i traversed at shooting speeds through meandering curves of the valley,
bulky brake rubber melting in acrimonious rays of the midday Sun,
the car hurtled down vacuum pores of the mountain,
diffusing into infinite splinters,
burying itself a few feet below green waters.

as i kissed the rear of a horse with fuming ends of red coal,
the tamed beast erupted loose from domains of decency,
ran berserk through fecund fields of ripened sugarcane,
tossing me high in the air for a brief discourse with God,
finally somersaulting down with bones broken beneath silky recesses of my skin.
when dirty black carpets of clouds had a brake fail,
macro droplets of rain pelted down with passionate fury,
the titanic mass of sky wept unrelentingly all day and placid night,
submerged all existing on land in lakes of fresh water,
percolating at astounding speeds through innumerable holes in my house roof.

when monstrous waves in the ocean had a failure of brakes,
they overtoppled strong ships sailing in water,
crashing with profound rage against strings of jagged rocks,
thoroughly flooding barren regions of shore land mud,
devouring with a devilish intent all in proximity and intimate contact.

when frigid brakes of my heart failed to beat rhythmically,
there was an intense pounding that followed suit,
outrageous bouts of euphoria replaced subtle ways of interaction,
i confronted her in person startling her with my piercing gaze,
mustered the strength to propose the girl i loved after years of sequestering myself in oblivion.


As i strolled languidly on smooth cakes of road tarmac,
stringent pellets of sunshine struck my eyes,
blistering sheets of wind whipped petite regions of my flesh,
the steaming persona of ground formed a volley of cracks,
radiating at right angles from my slender soled feet.

when i frivolously wandered on the fluorescent cake of midnight moon,
ornately draped angels collided with soft cushions of my hair,
the ambience was overflowing with a sedative calm,
blotches of crime had faded into kingdoms of oblivion,
my conscience reverberated with impeccable nostalgia of early childhood.

after walking for long hours on cakes of snow,
savage blizzards hitting my cheek like an army of pistol bullets,
infinite territories of my skin transiting to an embarrassing crimson red,
the inner periphery of my ear frozen in the deafening cold,
i willing settled for a cupful of boiling ginger tea.

all i wanted was a cake topped with icy peppermint,
consisting of tons of chocolate curry,
topped up with immaculate dressings of blood red cherry,
a cake which could quench my insatiable gluttony,
awaken sweet memories of perpetual love which i had inadvertently craved for,
put me to sleep with an aura of immortal bliss encompassing my face,
dreaming about the palpable goodness that ever did exist.


I built a palace of pure molten wax,
painting it with gaudy coats of tree root color,
studding the kingly doors with brooches of gold,
providing a plethora of waterfall dribbling down,
the fragile walls built with reinforced slabs of burnt candle debris.

the blistering waves of sun caused hot juices to flow,
placid reflections of full moon embodied it with loads of strength,
obnoxious currents of wind punctured depressions in its wall,
torrential whips of rain rendered it softer in texture,
prowling mass of mice burrowed tunnels of semicircular dimension,
handsome eagles laid white eggs on its roof,
a cluster of termite nibbled at foundations way below the ground,
a battalion of hybrid horse ran across its periphery,
venomous snakes slithered on satiny floors,
sharp nailed leopards clawed incessantly for instant gratification.

the arduous spells of summer soon arrived,
uncouth light of the sun now replaced the cushion of suspended moisture,
blazing rays of sun god now engulfed it with buoyant tenacity,
stringent currents of merciless wind pounded with full might,
the wax cried all scorching day,
wept infinte tears bereft of traces of respite,
colossal exteriors of the palace deteriorated at amazing speeds,
the savage heat of sun had prompted the inevitable,
transforming the palace once flooded with grandiloquent riches,
reducing it to an ocean of candle wax strewn on acres of fertile farm land.


Round balls of pearly white gas,
with thin wisps of grey cloud floating haphazardly,
as cool as snow drops of ice at night,
assassinating traces of daytime heat,
with crystal beams of singular fluorescent light,
perched high in the galaxy of stars,
revolving at astronomical speeds across the Sun periphery,
being the only source of placid comfort during pitch dark ambience of the night,
the celestial figure of the moon smiled mischievously,
as the hour hand ticked past midnight in city clock tower.

the lethal alligator waded silently through the waters,
biting mighty chunks of dead logwood,
flickering its abraded tail at small cocoons of fish,
squirting blood from its eyeball ,
opening its kingly jaw to display an armory of canine teeth.

there were men ahead pedaling a row boat,
consuming large glasses of ravishing gin tonic,
with strong fishing rods levered skillfully in the jungle stream,
they joked, sung, swayed their bodies in the arid air,
little knowing of the deadly monster stealthily encroaching,
the beast sank a few feet beneath the boat,
gave loud snorts toppled it crushing sewn timber to mangled junk,
loud wails besieged the night calm,
the moonlight clearly portrayed torn parts of their bodies,
white waters smudged with fresh human blood,
the birds screeched loudly in the sky,
as the 20 feet long crocodile relished man flesh,
trapped between the cavities of its elephant teeth.


Regulating incessant draughts of fresh air,
revolving in circular clockwise journeys,
tapered blades riveted to oval bodied bearing,
suspended from a jugglery of plastic wire,
firmly secured to an overhead iron hook,
with flower petal carvings sewn to wing,
evacuating stale air with scent of congestion,
revitalizing individuals, drenched in pools of summer exhaustion,
driving away hordes of buzzing flies,
eliminating seeds of epidemic by fumigating air,
filtering atmosphere obscured with coats of dust,
an inevitable commodity in scorching summer,
equally essential in sedate chills of approaching winter,
feeding drained nostrils with pouches of surplus air,
extracting moisture from wet cloth,
prompting sheets of paper to fly haphazardly,
shredding to minuscule pieces large objects in close proximity,
rotating at whirlwind speed, at mere caress of switchboard plastic,
dancing to supplied currents of electricity,
is my sea green colored ,room ceiling fan


They can chew hard sugarcane,
entangle seeds from fibrous fruits,
snatch fodder for survival,
bite into hard skull of coconut,
gnaw at hard pieces of chicken bone,
hold things about to tumble down,
hang on branches for protection,
dig tunnels of earth if required,
chatter incessantly when struck by cold,
nibble large chunks of chocolate cake,
sip greedily water, champagne, and fruit juice,
gnarl in frustration and intense anger,
tear apart flowing strands of silk,
make crisp noises when struck,
relish tasty food, frosty delights of white cream,
mould wax to idols for sale,
they come in bunches of glittering 16,
with exterior polish of natural enamel,
embedded firmly in skin cavities of hard jaw,
closley stitched with spit and blood,
small sized white buds at birth,
having split personality of being named as,
baby milk and hardened yellow,
making passage for flexible tongue,
facilitating speech and innocent smiles,
a precious gift of the living anatomy,
nominated as imperative for healthy life,
a thorough churner of consumed goods,
brushed thrice a day with fluoride paste,
projecting it as an object of desire,
is all that needs to be mentioned,
about a cluster of teeth.


The wall of the edifice was composed of contemporary brick,
the waters in oceans were composed of gargantuan pinches of salt,
mighty precipices of the mountain were composed of diffused rock and mud,
stolid poles of light on the street were composed of jugglery of iridescent bulb,
the air borne butterfly in the sky was composed of a plethora of stripes,
the sand strewn savagely on the road was composed of acrimonious heat,
the enchanting island of moon was composed of benevolent warmth,
the hunch backed camel in the desert was composed of hidden resources of water,
swaying tree lumber in the breeze; was composed of bountiful lumber,
ravishing dish of tortilla; was composed of piquant extracts of chili,
compactly wound time piece was composed of needle and accuracy,
the leather bound dictionary was composed of infinite words,
filter pipes of cigarette were composed of venomous nicotine,
flamboyant interiors of car were composed of luxury seat and brake,
mouth palette of a dog was composed of sharp canine teeth,
software of a computer was composed of integrated chips,
sleek showers in the bath were composed of spring water,
towering church spires of the city were composed of Christ,
water clogged lines of the gutter were composed of obnoxious sewage,
slender stihoutte of the fountain pen was composed of ink,
innumerable brains of humans were composed of living cells of grey matter,
the nocturnal reptile was composed of life banishing poison,
whisl't my heart was composed of magnanimous love for
the girl i loved;the ideal woman of my dreams.


Numbers have a profound power to enchant,
it all started centuries ago,
like a magic wand in a conjurer's hand,
when astral constellation in the sky shone;
revealing the mystical tale ,
which i now present with authority:
number one depicts outstanding caliber,
number two is sensitive and pessimistic,
number three is forcefully domineering,
number four is unfailingly loyal,
number five is highly materialistic,
number six is sincerely steadfast,
number seven is unpredictably exciting,
number eight is a pendulum of emotions,
number nine is a born warrior,
number ten is a disposition of short temper,
number eleven is over ambitious,
number twelve is a thorough dreamer,
number thirteen is all willpower,
number fourteen is a solitary personality,
number fifteen is financially comfortable,
number sixteen is a true wanderer,
number seventeen is intelligently forceful,
number eighteen is a roughshod laborer,
number nineteen is arrogantly dynamic,
number twenty is deeply depressed,
number twenty-one is a negative thinker,
number twenty-two lacks self confidence,
number twenty three has a greed to dominate,
number twenty-four is an idealist of love,
number twenty five has a fiery temper,
number twenty-six is a bit impatient,
number twenty seven is a strong dictator,
number twenty eight crumbles to pressure,
number twenty nine cant face defeat,
number thirty can rise to great heights,
and number thirty-one is extremely diligent.
that concludes the summary of those born,
between the first and thirty-first of an astral month.


Glistening golden sands of the beach,
A lunch box for venomous crabs,
Stormy waves dispatching sheets of salt,
With metallic clangs on crab shell,
Prompting elaborate spread of noxious tentacles,
Temporary dislocating the gallant brown spider,
Into well spun cocoons of slippery mud.
The sea recedes ,a van stops on adjoining asphalt,
A trio of school kids step out beamingly,
Dressed in luxurious flannel beach wear,
With firm fitted and triangular caps,
Innocent wrists wound with water proof time,
And flying saucers whirled with speed,
In gleeful anticipation of splashing rockets,
Of salt water on their bare backs,
Shouts of laughter,articulately made sandcastles,
Big chunks of sand gliding harmlessly,
Past mischivious facial contours,
Utter amazement at encountering fossils,
Moulded marine green, with faded exteriors,
Hungry sipping of coconut water,
Causing vertical oscillations of adams apple,
And chorused singing of nursery rhymes,
Accompanied by the skipping rope flying high,
And fishing boats fast approaching,
Oh! Yes the toddlers were having a ball of a time.
A sudden yelp rises in the air,
Led by immediate collapse of tiny feet,
Baby white skin, with a tinge of blue poison,
As dirty brown spider stings unripened flesh,
With pointed crusts of hairy legs,
Inserting paltry vials of crab poison,
Spreading slowly through circuitous blood,
Divesting it of precious oxygen,
Cautioning all on sea sand,
Highlighting effects of crab poison.


Made of curvaceous ornamental brass,
sometimes parallel straight arms of white metal,
coated with different shades of radium paint,
hung to long center pivot thoroughly oiled and greased,
the hour hand moves at painstaking speed,
the minute hand ticks a shade faster,
the second hand is the fastest of them all.
all thick needles displaying time,
passing moments of pragmatic life,
traversing in circular clockwise journeys,
in a background of finely calibrated dial,
and roman numerals ascending from one to twelve,
all this compactly imprisoned in water proof glass,
tightened by an artillery of shock proof screw,
triggered by maze of compressed springs,
with gold plated chains suspended to be wound,
and the chirpy cuckoo announcing its presence every hour,
with melodious cadence of bird sound,
nailed to plaster in our living room,
winning accolades of innumerable visitors,
is our unfailingly loyal cuckoo clock.


The chain of black stretched all over,
the pointed surfaces, the leading of suicidal death,
the tedious climb encircled by emotionless faces,
all of which have a maniacal look,
abraded exteriors of rock posses shining faces,
spreading waves of savage delight and brutal splendor,
trapping innocent prey in their vice like grip.

the air mightily pounds on its surface,
removing small chunks of graphite powder,
transporting loose pieces of stone down the valley,
leaking inside the comfort houses of several ant and white rabbit.

hollow crevices in the rock are filled with crusty liquid,
growing in stature by the advancing day,
bubbling in nervous energy imparted by sheltered warmth,
at last gushing out in frenzy,
forming volatile springs of boiling lava,
assassinating possible signs of life in several kilometers of vicinity.


The heart had ceased to beat completely,
the eyes didn’t move a fraction of centimeter,
juxtaposed arteries of blood had frozen midway,
twin pairs of lips lay partially open to the filtering Sunlight,
breaths emanating from nostrils had disappeared into oblivion,
there was no sweat formed on sensitive zones of body,
the expurgation of fluids had been completely sealed,
fresh buds of skin vehemently refrained from taking birth,
tender sacs of lungs now lay lifeless,
nut shells of kidney no longer toiled to produce saline water,
glittering contours of teeth showed signs of decay,
robust patches of flesh had transited to a ghastly white,
his body lay lifeless staring altruistically at me, bereft of traces of emotion.

i had loved him more than i could love God,
his scent had mesmerized dormant chambers of my inner being,
alas! he no longer walked on the ripened soil of the lawns,
a brutal mishap had snatched him away from the bloodcurling embrace of my arms,
i had thereafter preserved his dead body in a pool of antiseptic,
the hair still grew in abundance,
his beard had now multiplied to astronomical proportions,
it was almost a month since he had exited for his heavenly abode,
i still didnt feel like burying him,wanting to keep him close to my heart,
for the remainder of my life.


Naked parchments of paper burnt in crackling fire,
long pieces of timber wood were charred to junk,
transparent window glass melted to wax,
stone chips of white marble transited to sooty black,
rich chunks of upholstery were stripped of Dunlop foam,
statues of pure gold developed an army of irregular cracks,
spiral balustrades crumbled like a pack of crisp playing cards,
electronic gadgetry emitted sparks of volatile current,
mystic sheets of curtain spread sash split into threadbare fragments,
space chambers of cloth and perfume were devoured in the smoke,
a network of crisscrossed lintel collapsed with a thud,
as savage flames of fire licked minute quarters of the palatial mansion.

masses of humans ran helter-skelter,
the ambience echoed with chorused pandemonium,
impetuous fingers compressed extinguisher nozzles,
frenzied feet traversed speedily across vantage spaces of the house ,
terrorized mouths babbled incoherent passages of urgent commands,
twin parrots in cage screeched in hopeless despair,
bright eyed children clung tightly to plump silhouette’s of their mother,
missiles of grey smoke erupted from burnt effigies of solid furniture,
people lay in a wreck crippled by mammoth loads of ceiling plaster,
shrill cries of anguish emanated from scorched parts of their body,
their breaths rose rhythmically high,
radiant patches of skin contorted to deathly white,
valiant attempts of survival were stifled by a thunderous blast,
as concrete compartments of bricks came tumbling down,
burying a cluster of individuals,
into a charred heap stabbed by hot ambers coats of house fire.


There was infectious pus germinating in its body,
long silken ears were flooded with tic,
forehead scalp had paltry hair standing,
hard claw nails were badly uprooted from basal connections,
a concoction of blood and water flowed from its eyes,
deep gashes lined round periphery of furry collared neck,
large smudges of dirt adorned its coat of golden brown,
dried pouches of stomach contained decayed food,
its tail which once wagged incessantly when happy,
was now bruised and withdrawn far between its feeble legs.

the same creature hissed fire once,
gave a volley of barks at the slightest provocation,
guarded the mansion at prime cost of its life,
tore apart to pieces venom snakes and unwanted prey,
slept all night cozily tucked between large gentle feet of its master,
devoured chunks of rabbit meat, gulped gallons of water,
licked all in the family from head to toe at faint rising of dawn each day.

as time elapsed, the onset of old age made it stoop,
it now lay neglected at remote corners of the barn,
gasping for breath, uttering subdued groans of agony,
it already knew death was fast approaching,
all it desired at the moment was just its favorite bowl of water,
be filled with inexpensive liquid pouring in abundance,
from the rusty hand pump a few feet away from its worn out body.


When i tried to masquerade in the voice of a woman,
tuned decibels of my voice to effeminately soft frequency,
trying to whisper like a dainty maiden boisterous in youth,
the result was abashingly bad, as all i ended up doing,
was like a eunuch wailing his woes on the vacant street.

when i tried to emulate the voice of humming bird,
attempting to chirp with emphatic authority,
mesmerizing arid patches of air with placid tunes,
drowning a majority of animals in spells of my infectious sound,
all i ended up doing was sputter like a parrot replicating its masters voice.

when i tried to duplicate the voice of a dog,
growling fiercely with spurts of tenacity and vigour,
snaring my teeth as if thoroughly infuriated,
the actual monsters on the street stared at me ambiguous suspicion,
smelt intricate parts of my body, discarding me as an outcast from their community.

eventually when i discovered my own tongue to speak,
the effect of my sonorous voice was stupendously enchanting,
it easily surpassed the effects of all voices i tried to imitate,
thus teaching me a lesson to speak in the dialect and sound i naturally possessed,
the voice that was 100% mine.


Steaming coffee in the tall mugs was growing cold,
long table cloth was developing blotches of brown mud stain,
the ground floor was engulfed in heaps of disdainful dust,
sparkling glass tops displayed infinite scratch marks,
a basket of fresh fruit now lay squashed in neglect,
utensils of stainless steel had transformed into pale bronze,
rich portraits portraying war scenes hung listlessly from the wall,
heaps of literary books lay buried under a mountain of sand,
pitchers full of mineral water now bred a cluster of fungus,
roof light bulbs had formed a fountain of cracks,
ivory doors of cupboards were smudged with bird manure,
wooden legs of furniture had crawling termite,
the mirror on the staircase gave ghostly reflections,
wild stalks of grass projected from the infertile soil.

he had bid farewell to the earth decades ago,
lived life like a thorough eccentric when alive,
his mansion now lay deserted,
tucked within the picturesque plains of the tropical forests,
the desolate palace was worth a handsome fortune,
if only someone ventured through dense territories of the jungle,
unveiling the monastery standing solitary in its mystical charm,
in a camouflage of parasitic creepers trying to suck blood from the wall of century old brick.


I burnt long sheets of plastic in orange flames of gas burner,
extracted a molten mixture of sticky wax,
placed it for several hours in a large pitcher
containing cool water,
obtained residue left overs of elastic rubber,
which I compressed into straight folds,
stitching the straight ends with curved rivet pins,
I finally composed a utility rubber bottle ,
Fitted with a lid cork revolving in the clockwise direction.

High up in the snow clad terrain I dwelt,
With icy sheets of winds depositing paltry amounts of frozen liquid,
Crackling firewood proving insufficient in the biting cold,
The bedroom window overlooking ivory white landscapes laden with snow crusts,
Christmas pine trees camouflaged beneath velvety cover of condensed rain,
It was a breathtaking sight to witness in the day,
The night stabbed me like a thousand daggers dipped in hard ice-cream,
There simply seemed no respite from chilly disposition of winter cold.

I knew something had to be done to save my skin,
Provide me reassuring comfort throughout lengthy hours of the brutal night,
Reinforce my pale and shrunken body machinery with luke warm currents of wind,
That was exactly when minute fibers of brain chalked a plan of action,
I decided to fill blistering liquid in the rubber bottle,
Which I had previously prepared with loads of caution,
Closed the lid tight, placed the bottle on my shivering chest,
Snuggled under my favorite bearskin quilt,
To relish and savour infinite hours of unending sleep.


I took irregular pieces of threadbare stone,
painted them with vibrant flashes of crimson red,
chiseled them to look like porous stone idol,
cut them with an iron knife into multiple fragments,
dipped them in steaming acid to divest them of natural shine,
soaked them in chocolate curry, rendering them a breeding ground for insect,
baked them in an oven transforming them into roasted potato,
mixed them with spicy pickle charging them with tinges of spice,
hurled them at window panes shattering glass into infinite molecules of glass,
polished them with golden emery till they shone as crystal diamond,
lay them at random on wet mud surface to act as a tar road,
diffused them with electric machine into a heap of fine powder charcoal,
blended them with sandalwood paste to yield heavenly aroma in the day,
stacked them in coarse bags of denim ready to be dispatched in foreign land,
used them as beads of playing marble colliding with soft thuds,
melted them in boiling gas flame forming light grey tonic sticky in complexion.

the night was engulfed with chilly currents of wind,
soft portions of my neck stabbed me like a thousand needles,
intimate portions of scalp demanded adequate backrest,
that was exactly when vital brain waves struck me,
i crushed all the stone piece into a solitary slab,
covered it with rich dunlop cushion foam,
slept like a prince all night and sunlit day,
on my very own & innovative stone pillow


When collapsible doors of the aircraft opened at high altitude,
hordes of passenger were hurled out at volcanic speeds,
nose-diving devoid of apparatus towards the hard skull of earth.

as sliding doors of the train were exposed to atmosphere,
the century old engine clambering through ice clad domains of the mountain,
chilly currents of wind froze my breath momentarily.

wrought iron doors of submarine opened underwater,
the vociferous sea flooded into the compact interiors,
blending the luxurious ambience of wooden floor with scores of jelly fish.

when ornate doors of the currency safe brushed across light particles of air,
strong beams of sunlight filtered inside,
accentuating the glory of life bestowing colored paper.

translucent glass doors of the Mercedes swung open,
satin upholstery of cushioned leather welcomed me inside,
enchanting clouds of perfume settled on my skin,
the driving wheel felt as light as a dog whisker,
as the car sky rocketed a few inches above the ground,
zipping past picturesque falls cascading from umpteenth spots of the mountain.

and finally when i unfastened strings imprisoning
tender doors of my heart,
there lay a crystal clear picture of my beloved,
drowning in deep waters with her hand tightly clasped in mine,
this was the door i intended to seal forever,
with a fountain of blood evacuted from deep within our veins.


Hordes of cattle lay lifeless on the streets,
lush green crops had withered in meek submission,
succulent fruits on tree branches had died a gruesome death,
a trio of birds had forgotten to chirp their daily rhymes,
predecessors of the ophidian had sunk deep beneath cocoons of soil,
dense foliage of green was now reduced to threadbare strips of brittle brown,
crystal white streams of the mountain had dried in their roots,
mighty perennial rivers could now be sighted as fetid pools of shallow water,
gallons of saline liquid had evaporated from the oceans,
glistening surface of barren rock boiled in tumultuous fury of the sun,
tantalizing mirages loomed large at steaming patches of road,
the ground was strewn with sizzling pancakes resting on embers of red coal,
rotund island of fuming sun smiled brutally all day,
long wires of cable had started to melt in the heat,
desires for thirst soared to gigantic proportions,
spots of shade were a rare treat to witness in the nerve-wrecking heat,
dirty brown lizards swished their tongues viciously in disdain,
levels of mercury reached astronomical heights in the day,
with little respite in the abhorrent sultry night,
the sky hadnt wept since times immemorial,
there was not a droplet of free water availaible to quench my thirst,
it seemed as if god had forgotten to bless the earth with rain,
penalizing millions of human on earth for their catalogue of misdeeds,
with savage strokes to encounter the brunt of drought.


The seed sown in thick dark mud,
accompanies the soil with a slow thud.
blanket covers of soil provide it that salubrious fertility,
piercing through a web of dramatic appearance,
which leads to the dynamic prone world,
giving boisterous and hearty feelings,
and leaving no trace of malice.
the seed comes pops out with sporadic bursts of energy,
greeted by a sudden gush of blindness,
with the sun filtering straight through its eyes,
leaving possible autopsies underived.
obstacles engulf it from all quarters of land,
to subject it to a tough examination,
testing where it actually lies.
its appearance at maturity puristically flamboyant,
mighty storm winds strike it with rebellious force,
ultimately causing it to deteriorate,
fixing the humans on earth a new subsidized rate.


there was wet moisture camouflaging the earth,
condensed slices of soil slept in perennial darkness,
tiny bits of stone lay embedded in loose gravel,
radiating worms weaved their way through tunnels of mud,
reptiles slithered harmlessly past dungeons of darkness,
yellow crested frogs danced in abundant ponds of water,
the Sun had never blazed on this part of the world,
sporadic outbursts of moonshine had faded long ago into oblivion,
humid pouches of air blew at sedate velocities,
entwined roots of tree and grass extruded from the mud,
thin wisps of pungent fertilizer cakes caressed the soil,
a plehtora of red ant marched boisterously towards their den,
droplets of liquid percolated painstakingly, exhausted from deep journeys of incessant travel,
a slurry of black oil and grease lay trapped at several patches,
dead mushroom chunks lay buried for decades in obscurity,
there was no adulteration in the mass of clay for millions of kilometers,
the soil was as pure as Gods bathed in rich cow milk,
with nil traces of metal,pesticide,shards of tainted glass,
and surplus amounts of crystal water imprisoned in its core,
catering to infinite numbers of scorched mouths dying in blistering heat,
all this and things more exotic existed,
an approximate thousand feet beneath the surface of mud painted earth.


an assembly of ornate utensils clashed down with fervor on the floor,
the ceiling fan got uprooted from its hinges,
there was a wailing echo emanating from the earth,
an avalanche of bulky rocks tumbled down the mountain slope,
blissful carpets of roads in the valley lay imprisoned beneath a river of mud,
gigantic trees which once breathed fire; now lay limp on the ground,
a fountain of cracks spread at maniacal speeds through walls in the edifice,
obstreperous sounds from the soil flooded the atmosphere,
a plethora of houses crumbled ;like a pack of plastic cards,
sharp shards of metal flew haphazardly in the air,
rivers diverted their flow towards arid land,
animals hibernated from plush interiors of jungle to urban sands,
infinite denizens were sucked in ghastly crevices,
with immaculate children being torched by steaming curry of hot lava,
there was chaotic pandemonium on the once solitary streets,
people ran helter skelter;with tender siblings in hand,
the sun had forgotten to shine;the moon was juxtaposed behind clouds of oblivion,
my dwelling swayed like articulate swings of the golden circus,
with side slopes eventually caving in due to traumatic pressure of earth,
it was a gruesome catastrophe;which had decimated millions,
leaving their counterparts stranded on undulating hillocks of land,
the damage to life was unprecedented; with the whole nation reeling under the onslaught of mother nature,
some prayed to god for forgiveness;some for holistic solace,
the earthquake had measured 6.4 on the ritchers scale, lasting for a threadbare minimum of 10 seconds,
still able to assasinate minute traces of civilization;suckle the mightiest in blistering hot recesses of earth's belly.


I chose a man slender and skinny,
draped his body in leather skin of witchcraft black,
pierced his earlobe with beads of silver,
tonsured his scalp with corrugated edge of knife,
sprinkled his cheek with perfumed cologne,
divested his blood of every sedative,
tied him to a square wooden chair with cushioned backrest,
drenched him completely with pure spring water,
aligned him straight so as to face me in the eye,
placing him a good 50 feet away,
gazed through the tiny glass nozzle of my bronze pistol,
to get a proficient crystal clear aim.

i began by placing a large melon on his shaven scalp,
pierced it into flying splinters in the first shot itself.
i then stuck a medium sized apple with sprouting leaf,
closed an eye and ruptured the fruit into infinite segments.
a peeled orange on his head looked blissfully pretty,
was a gruesome sight to witness as poisonous lead ripped through its body.
it was now the turn of a minuscule violet grape,
the handcuffed man looked in growing disbelief,
he was now sure of death fast approaching,
as a loud voice shook the stillness of the jungle air,
the violet grape lay punctured and lifeless on the ground,
shouts of new found joy emanated from his throat,
he then ended our brief encounter by wildly gesticulating,
good shot friend,very good shot.


Dark forked lines sprawling on flesh,
stretching wildly on soft areas of palm,
crisscrossed with stars, circles, triangular
bifurcating hand skin into several compartments,
oval islands depicting inevitable tensions,
chained strings highlighting spells of discomfort,
forked terminations, resulting in webs of imagination,
protuberant mounts, a must for prosperity,
angularly curved thumb, a sign of flexibility,
blazing tinge's of red, demonstrating radiant health,
sacred specks of brown portraying affluence,
with the trio of main lines being,
that of life, heart, and intricate mind,
all having an eminent bearing on vagaries of life,
studded firmly on interior skin mass,
arising while in Luke warm recesses of womb,
with tiny fists being divested of movement,
gaining in prominence with advancing age,
a hot subject of contention in astral groups,
indispensable to be compared ,
before tying threads of holy matrimony,
an issue of permutated deliberation,
causing religious blasphemy on asiatic land,
i stare at my palm for long hours,
trying to unfold my future in scattered lines,fading
skin of magical palm.


cloud smokes of aroma rose tantalizingly in the air,
dull sheaths of cabin air were drenched with fragrance,
spotless patches of shirt were smeared with wet spray,
transparent beds of water got coated with musk flavor,
bunch of flowers in cane pots went berserk,
dry parchments of paper fluttered in glee,
sheets of polished wood bubbled in ecstasy,
bathroom tiles sparkled, smelt of fresh scotch whisky,
heavy curtain drapery greedily absorbed moisture,
grey crested peacock spread majestic wings to full circles,
bulky leather folders were enveloped in residue of molten wax,
wire meshed window grills breathed in scented air,
ceiling fan blades revolved faster with pepped exhilaration,
pure stone idols showed feeble signs of new found life,
straight walls of plaster leaned closer for mere caresses,
persian ground carpet raised its fur in insatiable desire,
electronic telephone developed shriller tunes,
as i sprayed the deer musk perfume at all quarters,
maniacally compressed the release button to its fullest capacity,
spreading its exotic effect to every inch of free space in my room.


I watched television in fading hours of the evening,
resting against a cushioned foam of pure Dunlop,
pointing my large feet towards the placid moon,
twin pair of hands shielding my dreary eyes,
long quilt of rich satin engulfing my persona,
an uncorked bottle of white champagne full to the brim lying by my side,
crisp voices emanating from the t.v.set flooding my ears,
i was ecstatic beyond definition of pleasure,
relishing roasted chunks of fish curry,
with torrential rain splashing vociferously through the partially open window pane.

the sky barked loud echoes of lightening thunder,
swollen clouds collided with volatile intensity,
streaks of electricity swept across the galaxy,
magnified droplets of rain pelted down in vindication,
as masses of pitch dark air hovered dangerously above my house,
the inclement weather had taken complete toll on the proceedings.

the fury of rain was simply invincible,
fresh liquid now leaked from multiple cracks in the ceiling,
light switchboard sockets now oozed rain water,
sparks flew high and handsome from wire panels,
colossal consumption of alcohol had rendered me inalert,
as i alighted from my sleeping cave of kingly comfort,
to activate the switch for the morning alarm,
deathly chills of naked current ran through my entire body,
healthy blood froze in its veins,
the heart had stopped throbbing as an aftermath of shock,
my feeble knees couldn't hold me any longer,
i collapsed in a heap on the wet floor,
realms of death strangulated me in entirety,
acrid sparks of current causing instant electrocution.


A warehouse of information,
a godown of electronic food grain,
with coagulated chips of telecommunication,
an instrument for incessant chat,
engraved with multiple numerals,
bold print of manufacturing firms,
dangling spirals of entwined rubber,
sealed to resistant cushioned plugs,
with shiny screw fasteners,
riveting a jugglery of charged fiber nodules,
entrapping signal waves from thick steel transmission cables,
interlocked with an array of codal communication,
bustling with feverish jingling activity,
piercing the air with melodious sounds,
flexing electronically configured vocal chords,
at instants of finger flesh,
in close proximity with protuberant plastic.
a pagan for exchanging emotions,
far distance business notes,
acclimatizing rural masses with marvels of electronic revolutions,
spanning unprecedented breadths of the countryside,
encompassing infinite habitats of survival,
with threads of indispensable sophistication.
an enviable transmitter of the human voice,
crowned as the electronic emperor
with a life span of more than a century,
and a gentle river of dial tone,
is what the telephone's all about.


As the amber ball of sun peeped from white puffs of clouds,
weak and languid beams of light caressed the earth,
engulfing pitch dark blackness with faint rays of dawn,
prompting abrupt closures of artificial light,
there rose sporadic urges in the body to walk past barriers of sleep.

as the football of blazing light grew colossal in size,
acrid rays of light fell stringently on the ocean,
heating suspended dust and concrete tower,
illuminating the atmosphere with dazzling Sunshine,
there arose thunderous urges in the body to start work.
as the molten island of fire began sinking behind the mountain,
faded pink currents of light overpowered the day,
cool waves of air descended down the network of roads,
naturally lit mulitfloor offices transited to murky grey,
there arose hasty urges in the body to return back to return to the place of dwelling.

as the golden web of steam finally disappeared from boundaries of vision,
overpowering darkness taking a stranglehold on light,
vehicular traffic now between few and sparse on the carpet of road,
gruesome blackness imprisoning every iota of land and space,
there arose an universal need in the body to hide beneath the blanket and sleep.


The Sun emitted acerbic rays of stringent light,
flooding darkened zones of the cosmos,
providing dazzling brightness to all existing in
realms of unconsciousness,
filtering encrypted arena's scattered along
innumerable pores of the body.

the celestial body of moon emitted placid beams of fluorescent color,
inhabiting infinite spaces on earth with dormant ecstasy,
injecting fuming patches of land with loads of dreamy sedation,
piercing through the entangled labyrinth of mind with body blows of solitude.

the multicolored silhouette of rainbow emitted a blend of translucent gas,
illuminating the murky persona of sky with a plethora of gaudy paint,
encompassing boundless regions of the mundane galaxy,
posing as an ultimate novelty to the eye when spotted in river water.

gigantic towers of the chimney emitted grey balls of obnoxious smoke,
hanging for incessant periods of time in mute shells of air,
polluting wild undergrowths of foliage with its abysmal caress,
stabbing innocent pedestrians with draughts of abhorrent contamination.

Crystal balls of eyes emitted palpable rays of empathy,
Melting the most obdurate of hearts existing,
Captivating all with their immaculate presence,
Transforming wretched individuals besieged with immortality,
Into sagacious personalities uttering tales of benevolent love.


Satiny cloth fluttering in the air,
hollow poles of steel embedded in concrete,
conspicuous symbols stitched to perfection,
depicting national pride, unparalleled privilege,
the flag tapers to the sky in crisp draughts of autumn breeze.

Fiber metal sheets glowing in radium light,
Crystal glass windows sliding down,
Cushioned steering power packed with compressible Dunlop,
Coats of silver paint sizzling in sunshine,
Twin rubber seats draped in opalescent cover,
The sapphire blue sedan dipped down steep curves of the valley.

Round white beads of synthetic plastic,
Sewn articulately to glossy coarse cloth,
Parallel cuts of arm length sleeve,
Faded exteriors blended with blotches of light blue dye,
Sweat proof texture hindering perspiring whiffs of odour,
The cloud blue denim shirt hangs on curved hangers of the city showroom.

Square chocolates of thick bulky rock,
Submerged in golden extracts of medieval liquid,
Cut in oval shapes by electric cutters of steel,
Glistening wildly in an ambience of dull murky light,
The sackfull of gold coins lay stashed in realms of coded iron safe.

Bare stone bricks abraded with sandpaper,
Sloping roofs lined with exquisite china tile,
Polished mahogany doors studded with brass,
Palacial marble columns holding dead live weight of roof,
Mystical cuckoo bird bathing in mud bowls of water,
The split level house loomed large on undulating
landscapes of swiss plateau.

Frothy white liquid dripping at slow speeds,
Due to deft hand massage of fertile cow teats,
Filling bronze buckets with liters of cream,
Gratifying millions of mouths with early morning meals,
The pure cow milk churned waves of desire after spoonfuls of consumption.

Striking its fangs against an enclosure of bronze,
Riveted firmly to rolled surface of plaster,
Triggered by intricate mechanisms of coiled wire,
Producing sugary tunes by mere caress to the spongy switch,
The magnificent house bell lights up molecules of doom suspended,
With melodious rhymes circulating sedately through atmosphere.

Striped furry coat stuck tightly to skin,
Eyes radiating in orange roof light,
Whiskers drooping down in bruised pride,
Razor sharp teeth emitting a ferocious growl,
Perched for centuries on rock tablets of hard ground,
The wild stuffed leopard stands lifeless after years of jungle rule.

Tubular body reinforced with steel chips,
Having watertight windows overlooking the sea,
Long tunnel passages illuminated with fluorescent bulb,
Spending its entire life in vast prisons of salty water,
The submarine proudly marched kissing colonies of sea weed bush.

The End .


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