The Hidden Voice

In our judgmental society, people are ridiculed for everything:

Our looks must be perfect. Our personality must be perfect.

It’s a tough world for many, and each has their own problems.

I hate my voice. I always did, and probably always will,

Because as a male, I am expected to have a low and masculine voice,

Yet mine turned out to be higher pitched.

Everyone is flawed, but I can’t seem to hide this flaw.

It’s the first thing you hear, the thing you remember most.

But for me, I’d rather everyone forget it.

My close friends know who I am, but the world doesn’t,

Because I’m too nervous to reach out to them.

I’m too nervous to speak to them.

Because I fear that my first interaction will end my chances.

Eventually it hit me that my fears aren’t due to myself,

But to the world of judgmental people that we live in.

Why must we live in constant fear of rejection from others?

Why do I start most of my questions with, “Sorry?”

My voice as of now will remain the hidden voice.

Until I find the courage to accept it for what it is:






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