Hidden Keys

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 19:32 -- Justina

People must know

and be aware

that they shouldn’t be scared

by fear or any of its allies:




The oppression and the

chains they create as

they change a person’s mind

into a twisted prison.

They are the guards that

listen and watch closely

to make sure that no one escapes.


Fear, Depression and Anxiety

likes to makes its victims

believe that they, are their own enemies.

Right now I am trapped in that

prison knowing that

I’m not alone.


I seek wanting to

get out.

Along with others near me

That told me of the same things.

Shown me signs of wanting to

be free of this mental prison.


This all leads me to

an endless search of

finding the hidden key.

The answer that

I have been silently

pondering and looking for.


Silently sitting in darkness.

Silently being tortured by fear.

Silently watching others go

through the same thing.

I have been silently looking

for way too long.


Until one day the answer

suddenly strikes me.

Like a bolt of lightning.

A true epiphany

that seems to overtake me.

As I stand in my cell, fully aware.


The answer was inside me

the whole time.

The key was within me.

It is within the people I am

surrounded by.

The hidden key is our:


Vocal ability to speak out

Openly about how we feel.

Insistent on the words that we shout.

Creating awareness.

Escaping others doubts.

Solving our problems in demand for action.


Let us use them to break free

of the prisons our minds create

Let us hold onto our

hidden keys.

We must use them


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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