Hey You'

Sun, 02/11/2018 - 18:32 -- ByronC

Hi, it's You here, the combination of You' and You'''

You''' is my right, and you You', is my left.

You are always there with me,

during my bad times.

You know what that means?

You are back luck, I don't like you,

But you are still part of me.




Look at this graph,

you don’t know where you are.

You want to be a man.

But you still publish your feelings,

Anonymously behind a poetry slam.

You joked that you are a helicopter and your tip is a fan.

For the time being,

I choose myself as an “other”.



floating in the river.

Having to hold hands,

not for love but for survival.

If it ever lets go,

they will lose to the tidal.



Being dependent,

having no power.

Clutching the pendent of your religion,

hoping to survive the second shower.


So much rain pouring down this land,

wait longer and you will drown.

Feeling the opposite of rain,

meeting the 3 headed hound.

Here you’re gonna feel pain,

because your life is bland


To be 21 and making fries,those j

considering to join the firefight.

Fight for oil to bright the light,

light the stove to fry those fires.


Right the fire you play with can be hot,.

but never hot as lazer that you thought you’re gonna be.

That “successful” people play with in the laboratory,

to change the world.

That was your goal before,

now paying your rent is what you wash those dish for.


Sometimes playing with fire is  hot,

but this is not something we can drop.

Over time your cells will change,

leave your shell and re-engage.


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