Hey You

Now I've had a thought, 

that every person has a story to tell. 


So humor me for a moment, 

and write yours down as well. 


I'll pay it back full price you see, 

and tell you mine in return, 

I cant let you be alone, 

in this game that we have learned. 


It started like a normal day, 

With my daily cup of coffee, 

when All of a sudden, 

I felt uneasy, and my heart started 

to pound away. 

It was my family and I, 

just sitting there, 

talking like we are used to,

 have  been doing 

for my whole life. 

Yet this pounding in my soul

left me speechless to the bone. 


I could not tell you what it was, 

nor explain such a phenomenon, 

however I will say to you, 

that my story is something that I wish to pass through. 


When you get that beating heart. 

When you get that banging soul.

Don't, not matter the circumstances. 

Ever let go. 

Find the source to this sound, 

even if it takes awhile, 

and you've hit the ground. 

Keep searching I tell  you. 

Keep looking that way. 

Eventually it will come, 

and sweep you away. 


I've told you mine, 

now let me hear yours.

What sets your soul on fire? 

What makes that pounding, 

that beating, 

in your chest? 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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