Hey there, it's You.

Dear reader, it’s you. How’re you doing?
Have you followed your passion? Are you living your dream
Up at college? Even if your parents first dreamed it for you,
You made it your own; that takes effort to do!
And your family's proud. . .

Are you proud, too?

Is this really all that you wanted for you?

Do you have any clue
Of what that used to be?

What happened to us? We used to be free;
The sky was the limit, and nature was our TV,
And the future we saw? It was glorious to view,
So different from the uncertainties we tend to stew over
Now that we’re older:

“Can I afford to get gas?
What can I eat?
Is it safe to walk close to that guy on the street,
‘Cause he doesn’t look safe; at least, the news tells me so."

The news is “informing” you that everyone’s bad,
That the world is collapsing and Trump is just “Sad!”
But you can’t just stop watching; you’d be uninformed,
And the last thing you'd want to be called is “abnormal,”
So you say that the storm doesn’t bother you anymore,

But we once were abnormal;  we just called it “free.”
We would challenge the sky, we could conquer the sea!
For a time, no one told us it couldn’t be done.
That’s why it was fun.

The doubts and the storms that we find ourselves in
Are the lie we believed—that we never could win;
That hope was just foolish and everything ends.
That’s no way to live.
Yet, impossibly, we did.

It’s about time we changed that. I’m sending this now
To attack the complacency that’s gotten you bound
Down to the rut that you find yourself in,
And call you to get on your own feet again.

I can tell that it’s possible; after all, this is You,
But which form of “you” are you listening to?
Am I you from the future? Am I you from the past?
Am I warning you of danger? Am I hoping to remind you at last
Of the joy you once felt, way back when?

In the end,
They’re both the same.

From the weak newborn babe to the frailties of age,
The finish and start both reflect themselves back
(That’s just one example, there’s more ways than that).
Your past is your future; but now, you can choose

Between the darkness you view

And the light that you had,

And choose the better path.
The light-hearted joy, the energy of youth,
These things once held dear can return back to you;
It all just depends on what you now do.

So what will you do?

See you soon,


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