Ashes fall down; coating the battlefield.

Injuries were inflicted here; never to be healed.

Tears descend like rain; illustrating endless sorrow.

So many lost; some today, more tomorrow.


To be reunited; the path is rough.

Loved ones determined; memories aren’t enough.

Stopping at nothing; soon they will be happy again.

A single question lingers; how soon will it happen?


Joy and love; so foreign now.

To get through life; they keep asking how?

How were you lost; how did you die?

How can you watch; how did I not say goodbye?


He was a hero; his life was not spared.

She was an angel; it seemed like no one cared.

Why were they taken; why did others live?

When someone had nothing; they had all to give.


Who got to choose; why were their lives taken?

When we got the news; our worlds were shaken.

Doubts were everywhere; it couldn’t be true.

But a single promise; just one thing to do.


They’ll be remembered; of that, we’re sure.

Memorials and monuments; to be seen in the future.

Forever our angels; guiding us throughout our days.

Forever our heroes; protecting us always.


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