Here and There

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 12:53 -- khoons

From the earth you came

To the earth you shall return

You leave me but the strand of red

That’s been snipped off by the current


You leave me to flow in the relentless realm of waves

In my own silence, I shed a storm


You and I were not

Two peas in a pod

We were not two halves of a whole

Not even Thing one and Thing two


You were there and I was here

But even here you pierced my heart


Because you were still a part of the tree

From the roots we came

From the blood that runs in my veins

You were here, not there


Because you were infected by the curses of life

You were pruned

But we continue to grow as an immortal tree

Because of your sacrifice we are able to sway in the breeze

In uniscent and in peace


In the essence of love

Reflects the red string that runs from me to you

In the essence of time

Remains the ticking hands of your bright smile

In the essence of life

Remains you


From these eyes

You shall rest in the ocean of my tears

From these lips

You shall remain as my guiding words

Forever you will beat in my heart



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