Here and Now

Sat, 11/09/2013 - 21:33 -- Helen N


Back to a time when everyone’s prying,

Or here and now where everyone’s dying.

We live and we learn and now we regret,

But to stay in our minds and try to forget,

Of how we knew about them and murderous things,

Or how the captive, if motivated, everyone sings.

Falling too fast, and now we realize,

There’s no one to trust, and everyone spies.

If sitting alone, sound in our homes,

No one dares look and no one dares roam.

Silent and waiting, scared and confused.

This light now ending, the one that we used.

I don’t understand how we sat uncaring,

This past that consumed and then ran unsparing.

I want to remember, but I want to forget,

Though there are things, I don’t know yet.

After it had left, the lies and the pain,

We leave here and now, to the past in vain.

Living as if none of it had happened,

And here and now, all of it blackened.

Our faces will be shaded in soot covered veils.

No one would listen to our blood covered tales.

We write of our stories and our ill fated friends,

And the twists of our trails, the turns of our ends.

Awaiting a time we dress all in black,

The questions and looks, for my mind I did wrack.

Answers to find and more questions than them,

We resolve in our minds, and then we condemn.

I question their motives, their voices they lack,

But reaching too far, I cut them their slack.

I want to remember, but I want to forget,

Though there are things, I don’t know yet.

Like how do they do this to us here and now,

The revenge that they speak of, is now a vow.

We pull together and they throw us at war,

More suffering everywhere, but what for?

We sit alone and count shedding tears,

While stuffing our minds of unneeded fears.

Silently going along with our lives,

And forcing it away, but we know it survives.

Do we move on with guilt sickened tries,

To love and to last, and to become now wise?

Or do we stay, here and now to mourn and delay,

And to stop every night before sleep to now pray?

We say our grace before supper and shame,

To let them know we won’t play at this game.

We want to remember, but we want to forget,

Though there are things, we don’t know yet.


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