I'm headed straight for the floor

don't wanna fight anymore


I'm tired of giving my all

of pushing past these walls


I can't give in

and can't give up

but every second

feels like agony


my head is collapsing

under the pressure

I'm caving in

I don't know what I'm doing


I have no real friends

just longing for something that could be

everything hurts

and i want to cry

i want to d i e

but who the fuck cares, right?


I am just another face among faces

nobody important

not going to chage the world

just going to sit in bed and cry

sit and contemplate

should i take my life


Am I doomed to be another product

of lack of work

and giving up

no matter what I do 





I won't always feel as such

but wished I never knew

what corrupted my bloodline

and made me worship you





My head is weary

I need rest

my eyelids are peeled open

by nicotine and caffeine

and as decided by my god

I won't sleep until I'm dead

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