Her story.


She saw this girl but didn't think much of her.

Then she would start seeing her around a lot.

Randomly they had a conversation which felt right.

They started talking and instantly had a connection. 

Little did she know that she was going to fall for this girl.

She couldn't tell her best friend because of her judgement. 

She wanted to come out to her parent but could not face them.

She lives in fear of being judged and rejected by loved ones.

So, she keeps her, her little secret .

Away from anyone that can do harm to them.

They have the perfect relationship but cannot show it off.

Having to hiding their love from family and strangers who do not believe in their orientation.

What kind of society is that to live in?

Nobody should have to go through this but everyday people do.

Soon society will change and their life's will be better.

For now it's a secret love life.







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