Mon, 06/16/2014 - 08:04 -- Gbp328


United States

Her tongue, twisted as it kissed my lips

So cold, I could taste the venom, the poison started to devour me 

Her hair, with locks of blonde and brown, 

She had the key to my heart. 

Her touch, it ate its way to my soul. 

So warm, I could believe for a minute that she loved me. 

Her nails, the shade of death, they could decieve even the cleverest cat to fall to its death

She had the key to my heart. 

Her face, made one retrieve all possible thoughts of depression. 

She's not happy, she's insecure. 

To the point where she'll do anything to break anyone's heart for security. 

But as I look in the mirror,

I see myself doing the same, getting into relationships I shouldn't have. 

Speaking to girls I could of had. 

But even if its my present, it's still my past. 


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