Screams and cries

Morals and lies

Do you hear them?

Do you see them?


There her body lies

There her happiness dies

Do you see her?

Did you see her?


She was your helping hand

No one even took a stand

To save her.

Did you thank her?


She could be gone now

But she survived. How?

Don't you see her?

Don't you know her?


Her strength was never measured

Her love was never treasured

Don't you see it?

Can't you feel it?


There she screams and cries

Morals ruined with lies

Is she okay?

Will she be okay?


She's alone here

But she doesn't fear

What awaits her.

What awaits her?


Look into her eyes

See how her spirit flies

But she's broken

Yes, she's broken.


Pieces of her are lost

Because of what survival costs.

Can you fix her?

Won't you fix her?


She cares for you

And all that you do

Do you care for her?

Did you ever care for her?


She cares for herself

On a forgotten shelf

Will you take her down?

Will you keep her down?


All she wants is love

And to be taken up above

Won't you help her?

You should love her.



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