And what else do you expect her to endure?

The mountains she climbed

Wasn't enough for you to ensure?

The burden she bore,

The mask of happiness she wore,

The hurdles of events,

The demise of her true self.

Yet left you wondering

What else is there left for her to forsake?


Her patience will surprise you,

Her strength will shake you.

On hindrance at a time

Let it all off at once, never mind.


A home, a shelter.

Yet no one to mend her.

A mind full of imagination;

Thorough and rough

With no stagnation.

Consume it, she says to herself.

Sooner or later she’ll turn the tables around.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this poem from a feminist's point of view. Women are often considered weaker than men. Women are often expected to tolerate situational challenges instead of fighting against them. A woman’s inner strength is undermined in the face of adversity. In this poem, I attempted to emphasize the mental trauma a women experiences in response to society's unjust expectations from her. This poem encourages women to stand up for themselves and embrace their emotionally powerful selves.

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