Fri, 11/03/2017 - 09:01 -- Ceaser

 Because I love you 

 My love for you never slips away 

 Making me special every day 

 Giving me life that I never knew

 While I see you as a rose that always bloom

 Because I love you 

 You’d give your life for me to finish to grow

 Not that evil man who didn’t come to my show

 If you were to fall you’d have nothing to break 

 I’d be there every time and not act fake

 Because I love you  

 You began to look right then left

 Solved all my problems and not let them beset

 I open my mouth to tell you all

 Whether you thought I’ve rose or I’ve fall

 Because I love you 

 We talk about the good or bad

 Whether we’re tired or sometimes sad

 Til we depart even after we’re gone

 Because I love you

 You’ll always be my mom


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My family
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