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There are times when she makes me so angry that I just want to leave;

but then again, I can't imagine her not by my side.

The thought of her being with someone else makes me so jealous.

Her presence and her voice makes me so happy!

Yes we argue and those are brutal.

But then I remember....

I remember that our good times are just simply amazing!

You know, like them good ol days.

The days when you didn't have to worry about ANYTHING;

childlike innocence.

Those days when you just ran around outside taking on the world and every

adventure in it.

Yeah, those were the days!

Don't you remember??

That's the feeling she gives me!

She's special.

She understands me even when I don't understand myself.

She's me.

I mean.. She's my rib.

She's that piece you can't find anywhere.

That piece to the puzzle I've been trying to put into place.

The piece I didn't know I needed when I felt I was completely alone.

The Queen to match my royalty.

I don't know how forever feels but I wouldn't mind finding out what it felt

like with her.

The thought of getting stuck on an island with her....

Forever and Ever!!

The thought alone soothes my soul.

Me and her on an island with the rest of the world.

Most couldn't imagine.

Ya know... Getting stuck on an island with someone FOREVER!

I can!

Guess that makes me lucky huh??

Hmmmm... Yeah I'm Lucky!

Just me and her on an island... FOREVER!

-- Jaye


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