This is a story about a perfect family.

A family with a mother who looks at her husband and kids lovingly,

A father who did everything he could to provide,

And three kids that mother and father always made laugh when they cried. 

They had a perfect house and a perfect car.

Everyone thought that they would go real far.

But the thing about perfect things,

Is that it takes the smallest crack to make everything come undone at the seams. 

Happy laughter between mother and father escalated to lighthearted banter.

Banter turned into screaming matches about things that don't even matter.

All this hateful toxic waste heads straight for the child's drinking water.

What is she to do without her loving father.

She feels like a constant reminder of her mother's  failure .

The only thing she has left of her father is that stupid run down trailer.

His face plastered on the side of it, another constant reminder.

She cries out to the heavens for someone to guide her.

She dreams of the good old days, hoping to wake up to a new reality where daddy stays.  

Eventually, he tries to come back into her life.

Pretending that all these years were not spent as far away from each other as a 16 hour flight.

Money, trips and shiny new things don't make up for lost time.

Just hope that after countless therapy's sessions she'll end up fine.

He asks her to name a price.

Doesn't he know that things like this and forgiveness don't have a price, JESUS CHRIST!

But this is an everyday occurrence, it takes more than emotional endurance.

Her yesterday is somebody's tomorrow,

She prays and hopes that no one will ever have to feel this sorrow.

There's no cure,

Just a wish that it will all become an indistinguishable blur.

A mere smudge on her soul's tempered glass.

But lord knows that even tempered glass can't protect everyone from their past.

Don't worry this story isn't sexist.

There are many different versions of this story that can be expressed.

Father can easily be exchanged for mother.

Either way, whoever's left must rely on each other.

You may think this is drastic,

But I bet your life isn't perfect or fantastic.

This story may have already been told,

But it's our job to break the mold.

We are the future of this world.

We have the power to make it gold.

Don't perpetuate the situation. 

Tomorrow is open to become our creation.

Ladies, we must step up and be the best mother we can be.

It may seem difficult but you'll understand; one day you'll see.

Fellas, strive to be the father I never had

And never stop trying to get the trophy for the greatest dad.

Your kids are a part of you,

Your selfishness has been divided into two.

Maybe one day we will create a world where all cries of pain will cease to exist.

Where all stories of hurting men, women, and children are nothing more than mere misprints.

You see, we just have to remain defiant,

And refuse to except this as reality until there is only silence.

Maybe then we will know what it's like.

To live in a world where we no longer have to fight.

Fight society, fight reality,fight the tears and just fight.

Once this is resolved, I know the world might have a chance to be alright.

But I only hope that when we leave this world, we leave our mark on it,

And ensure that the idea of family we make is permanent.

I can't stand here and force you to be the change the world needs.

All I can do is ask that you take responsibility when you plant your seeds.

This world has enough weeds to pull.

Don't continue to allow  bad parenting to keep the fields full.

Now we can build brand new towers.

It takes you and me to make the world ours.

We must accept that there may not be such thing as a perfect family.

But we can make it perfect, we can make it perfect for you and me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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