For her


I said I would write a poem for her,
But what is a poem
If she still doesn't know how I feel about her.
What is "life", if I can't rearrange the meaning of a "woman" to make you 
My "wife".
Let alone my girlfriend.
I'll arrange all of the great things about you
In chronological order 
But you would never find any logic because it's always been something creative,
From your head to your toes,
Nobody knows but you what shows.
You hide behind your hair 
To cover your smile,
You hide behind your smile, 
Your tongue,
Which spells my name,
Tongue rubbing your gums, 
Teeth biting lips,
when you read this.
Your cheeks,
Round like...
Your mind plays games with your senses,
Your eyes inspire love 
And affection,
My affection towards you is an 
Infection in my heart.
One only your kiss can cure,
But I would have to kiss you 
A thousand times yesterday,
And a thousand times a week before
You get weak in the knees,
Kicking and screaming your heart is.
I can feel the pulse every half a second in my mind,
Sounding like a frank ocean song.
You say my name,
And I wonder how I can tell you your beautiful a million different ways In less than 3 seconds 
Before I say "yes baby".
The sun shines only because,
Your it's only competition.
The moon glows only because,
You get tired of winning.
The ocean is the moons tears,
You purify the ocean.
And when you sing
You leave your song waves 
In the sea.


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