her words stung me in the heart like a poisinous bee stings its victom. 

it allowed me to speak from the heart

Her smile her beautiful, beautiful smile that even in the word days and time always made me smile and rejoice.

Her hair that beautiful brown hair that the breeze swiftly blows like a celestial queen

Her strenght strengthen me with the tunic of courage.

Her passion encourage me to do the best and be the best in my work, like and love

Her dress the white dress of an angel who took my heart

her lies, her treacherous lies is what aroused a passion of love

Her love for "chuyy' is what depressed me and furuated me but also allowed me to fight for what i believe in

Her insults put me down but strengthen me in the love that i have for her

Her eyes her brown sparkly eyes awoken me to a land of pure love..


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