I'm stuck…

I'm trapped…

Give me your luck,

I'm strapped…

I'm strapped…

I'm in pain…

Help my pain,

Help my sane,

I'm going insane…

I'm going crazy,

I want your brain…

I'm going hazy,

I'm doing this again…

Why don't you help me?

Why don't you see my pain?

Why don't you see me?

Seeing me in pain,


Why can't you see me as broken?

I'm always a flower to you,

I'm always spoken,

But inside I'm a zoo.

I'm crazy inside,


I'm a guide,

To this crazy notion.

Why don't you see me?

Because of my smile?

Or I'm carefree?

Or is it because I'm a pile?

A pile of worthiness?

That's not me…

I don't have worthiness,

I'm not a pile,

I pile to cherish, to hold, to love.

Or maybe that's just me…

Maybe I need you…

You to love me,

To show me how I'm perfect, to you…

Maybe you need to free me,

Out of this cage I'm in,

Maybe you're the key,

Maybe you can help me win,

Win this war,

To win this war I'm battling,

Maybe you can open the door,

Maybe, just maybe…

You'll help me piece together,

To piece together my broken pieces,

You'll help won't you?

You'll help my broken smile,

To help pick up the pieces,

Won't you stay for a while?

Stay… stay… you're my missing piece.

You're the missing piece I've been searching for,

And you're the perfect match for my hole,

My hole of emptiness,

I'm happy, happy for you,

For you have saved a life,

A life of dread.

I love you


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Holy crap. What goes on in my mind when I am sad?

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