Hell's Heaven

Sometimes I don’t know where I am

or why I’m there

It’s unusually dark, my friends tell me 

They don’t want to come around



but please come 


It’s quiet here, I know that much

I can’t see my fingers, but I’m waving them in front of my face


What am I walking on? 

A gasp with every step

No wonder they don’t want to come


I close my eyes 

It’s the same open or shut

And then the noise


Old memories, old enemies



No wonder


But You, 

You’re always good

Even here, this darkness can’t touch You


I still can’t see

But I can feel the ache subside

when You’re close

You’re always good


You make this pit a haven

You make this hell a heaven

It’s You


You’re always good

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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