Hello, World

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 13:41 -- Caivii

Greetings, wondrous world of mine

I hope that you are doing fine

I know I'm not, but that's okay

That's not why I write today


I'd like to speak of those less known

Your tenants feel that they're alone

They struggle through the day and night

They may lose, although they fight


But still you turn and turn and turn

A blinded eye, with no concern

They cannot rest, and dream awake

And try to give where others take


Keep them in your stormy thoughts

Give them mercy, lots and lots

I hope that you will hear their case

To make yourself a better place


If you work to save my friends

You and I can make amends

I know that you can set them free

And so, for now: with love, signed me

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Our world
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