Hello Future.'

how do you write about silence?

how do you write about sadness?

was the silence broken by crying?

was the sadness broken: did it vanish?

how do you write about defiance?

how do you write about fear?

standing up isn't always violent

being scared doesn't have to be severe.

how do you write about fire?

how do you write about sound?

describe the strings on a lyre.

describe the heat as it burned.

how do you write about life?

how do you write about death?

well, it's when we finally put down the knife.

and something good fades with the last breath.

these are things we can't describe

though it's not cause we didn't try 

reading about things that make us want to cry.

or things that make us feel like we can fly.

sometimes this can be hard to find.

because each person has a different mind.

but here you go:

here's the truth 

write about things well enough to show,

that a child isn't the only thing that grows 

describe things around you like you saw them long ago 

because that's how it will be for the future. say hello.





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Our world



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