The Hell and Heaven Within Us

Impurity and shallowness swallows you whole

How easily it could take over one person’s soul

Jealousy and selfishness sits there and wait

Waiting to strike before it is too late


Despicable and spiteful words are tempted to shout

Rising and churning, waiting to come out

How a person’s opinion could break your heart into two

It might as well kill you too


But then there are those

Whose kindness just glows

It overcomes all evil

As far back as the medieval


Their purity lights up the scene

Shadowing those that are mean

Kindness is a healthy habit to make use of

It is just another way to show your love


It can be shared just in a gesture

To a conversation that can bring both happiness and pleasure

It is as if some are sent here from heaven

For their goal is to teach the world a lesson



Great poem. I love your message and style of writing.

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