Held at Gunpoint


United States
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Held at gunpoint, she is asked,
“Why don’t you know loss? Know the
Shame of being broken, the guilt that
Appears from your early withdrawal?
I know you raised your white flag too soon.
Your luxury bears a price that I have to
Pay every morning when I pass his room,
But you live undisturbed by this mere
Casualty. No weight borne from his death.
You breathe in sync with the masses.
With your complacence and apathy, he
Sinks further into his grave, buried by
The memories others make without him.
He quit because he knew they would
Forget him. He knew you would
Forget him. Why can’t I forget?
I'm no greater than you, the scum
That sent my son to an early grave!"
She quivers in his fractured presence.
"I am less than I ever have been! I am
Greater now than I ever will be from
This point on as the hollow I had
No choice in becoming! You made
My choice for me!" Dumbstruck, the
Innocent girl had no choice but to take
His words--
"I will make this choice for you."

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