Mon, 10/31/2016 - 17:22 -- Kanalia

A young fox travels throughout the woods.
" have you seen my mother? "
There is silence in the trees.
Only the wind rushes through.
" no. " They say.
The fox continues on..
He comes across a river.
" have you seen my mother? "
The river does not speak.
The fox waits for an answer....nothing.
The fox continues on.
He meets a young bird.
" have you seen my mother?"
The bird looks down at the fox.
But she flies away.
The fox continues on.

The fox suddenly hears a voice.
It stops and looks up.
" have you seen my mother? "
The voice becomes louder?
" yes. i know where your mother is. "
The words ring in it's ears.
" really? "
The voice becomes louder.
" yes. "
The fox never came home again. 


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